Neighbourly Notes – 28 November 2019

FAREWELL: A group of patrons gathered at the Kenny’s Sports Bar on Friday, November 22, to say their farewell to Grahame ‘Grumpy’ Griffiths who passed away on Sunday, November 17. Grumpy, as he was known, was the previous general manager of the Highlander Pub in Port Alfred and recently passed away peacefully in New Zealand. The farewell saw past manager Warwick ‘Wox ’ Steane, in the centre of the picture, say a few words to celebrate Grumpy’s life as well as to friends no longer with us

THERE are three main social events this weekend where everyone can go and enjoy themselves. First is the St Paul’s church fete that begins at the church (on Ferndale Road) at 8am. There’s always plenty to see and do at these fetes so get there, bag a bargain or just socialise among friends and family. There’s also a music festival at Settlers Park that starts at 2pm, so for lovers of classical music, jazz and popular music, take turn in at Settlers Park on Saturday. Also on Saturday, but in Makhanda, is the Donkey Carnival. These animals work tirelessly throughout their working lives and are often abused or abandoned, so it is right to celebrate them. Get to Makhanda to support the donkeys and see how they together with their carts are decorated. Sounds like a fun day out. For details of these and other events taking place in our area, see our Diarise This section, below.

WHAT is going on when a 19-year-old man with a knife could attack and rape (there are conflicting reports as to whether it was rape or sexual assault) a teenager in broad daylight at West Beach? People are referring to gender-based violence and 16 days of activism, but any violence against anyone (particularly if unprovoked), male or female, cannot be tolerated in a supposedly free society. Someone on Facebook actually suggested that she shouldn’t have been jogging by herself along the beachfront. Anyone who believes that the victim was asking to be raped at knifepoint should probably book themselves in for a full psych evaluation. Then there is the case against Ayman Chaudhry who has allegedly beaten up several people recently in town. Has the world gone mad?

A LEG, from the knee downward and still wearing a Nike takkie, washed up on a Port Alfred Beach on Tuesday. Police are investigating who the owner of the leg could be as there are no outstanding missing persons reports that are applicable to this case. Apparently police suspect it could have been the robber who stabbed K9’s Ounooi recently and ran into the sea to escape.

HAPPY birthday greetings, congratulations, and all good wishes to everyone celebrating a birthday in the week ahead, especially Juan Southey, Emms de Jager, Hal Snyman, Bernadine Probart, Liz Gouws, Claude McLellan, Lance Muller, Gareth Turner, Kim Gardner. Marianne Wessels, Louise Carter, Fanna Vogel, Mike Legg, Helen Dell, Jessie Muller, Sally Anne Robertson, Dave Wilson, Mary Brendenkamp, Derick Moll, Leo Rossouw, Malcolm Nel, Lynn Stirk, Solly Faroa, Nola Timm, Diana Tremeer, Piet le Roux, Willie van Gass, Darron Beetge, Nick Donaghy, Tyler van Breda, Jenny Kieck, Candida Oosthuizen, George Bax, Marianne Fryer, Orme Burn, Ilse Wicks, Anita Thompson, Elton Marney, Janine Groenewald, Wanda Kelbrick, Cleo Black, Shauna-Lee Stephens, Podge Wansbury, Dave Young, Carla Fryer, Glynnis Pike, Elsabe Badenhorst, Colleen Thorp, Charmaine Pauls, Kaylin van Heerden, Jenni Schoeman, Mike Warren, Peter Watson, Inge Schlemmer, Isobella Mitten, Shaun Botha, Mark Deenik, EthneBarnard, Rosemary Cawse, Vivienne Reid, Caleb Bouwer, Pam Wilmot, Lungisile Sinqe-Dili, Marin Hensens, Jade Pauls, Amanda Funani, Janine Collins, Andrea Elliott, Kathy Botha, Adelina Snyman, Dennis Woest, Andy Nel, Beuhlah Meyer and Jane Denton.

CONGRATULATIONS to all businesses celebrating their anniversaries and may you enjoy even more success in the future, especially Pick n Pay Clothing, Lady Biscay Kowie Cruises, Audie Attorneys and LP Gaz.

AFTER a better start to the week in terms of our currency, it all headed southwards on Tuesday when the rand again exceeded the R14.50 to the dollar and R19 to the pound. Yet South Africans should consider themselves lucky as, despite all the problems with state-owned-enterprises (specifically SAA and Eskom), the corruption exposed at the staterun inquiries and a lot more besides, we haven’t been completely cut off from investors around the world. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) also left SA on Tuesday after a brief visit with a warning that more needs to be done (not just talked about) if international investors are to be encouraged to put their money into the country. Unions, specifically Numsa, have not yet come to terms with the fact that if companies, such as SAA, are unprofitable, they will be closed down and then there will be no jobs for anyone. It is true that workers always get the soiled end of the stick and that those at SAA have suffered while the bosses awarded themselves big bonuses. But if SAA closes, all jobs will be lost, and any new investor will not carry the burden of an overstaffed workforce. It was the fault of government trying to appease the masses that this happened in the first place, and now the workers must pay for the mistake. Also, be aware that the price of crude oil has risen quite sharply and may lead to another fuel price increase shortly. With 2018’s figures in brackets for comparison, the rand is trading at R14.75 to the dollar (R13.91), R18.59 to the pound (R17.87) and R16.23 to the euro (R15.80). Commodities are trading with gold at $1,458.75 per fine ounce ($1 223.70), platinum at $911.16 per ounce ($843.50) and Brent crude oil at $64.36 per barrel ($60.05).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. Sterkte Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Derek Church, Jan Haig, Gavin Tessendorf and Lyn Charter.

SINCERE condolences and kind thoughts to the family and friends of Malinda Coertze who passed away on Thursday, November 21. Malinda was a teacher at Happy Hours for many years and will be sorely missed by the parents and children alike.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations with best wishes for many more happy years ahead to all couples celebrating such an occasion. Many more memorymaking years ahead to Gerry and Wanda Loxton, Sizwe and Julia Mvunelwa, Trevor and Melinda Linforth, Gavin and Annie Muir.

PLEASE SHARE any functions or special events that you have planned for the season with us so we can include this in our Sunshine Holiday, as well as in all the editions over December — yes, we will publish an edition every week with updated events, so don’t forget —send your submissions to asap.

THOUGHT for the week: “The world is full of abundance and opportunity, but far too many people come to the fountain of life with . . . a teaspoon instead of a steam shovel. They expect little and as a result they get little.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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