New Year’s message

Wishing all our readers, advertisers and visitors a fantastic new year, filled with renewed hope and energy for 2020.

If you have been a part of the Talk of the Town family, a reader, or an advertiser, by now you will have realised that we are not simply just another community newspaper. We are much more.

Our advertisers and readers become friends and family. We need your input to be able to provide you with the best possible service that we can, and more. We do not only bring out a newspaper, we also have a website and a prolific social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, bringing you a varied and interesting bouquet of news, views and more. Follow us on

Talk of the Town is also very entrenched in the community it serves. We are staunch supporters of all the charity organisations and run quite a few of our own projects and events, generally to raise funds for the less fortunate. Last year we also promoted the Royal St Andrews Amanzi Festival (3rd year), Bathurst Show (last 23 years) and other major events in our area.

We have many social responsibility projects throughout the year, such as our Santa’s Shoe-box project which saw hundreds of boxes distributed to the elderly at Christmas, as well as to 40 disadvantaged children. We also ran quiz evenings for the soup kitchen throughout the year, which raised a substantial amount. We have managed beach and town clean-ups, lunch packs for disadvantaged children and more. The next project we will be taking on is for the Jehovah Jirah home run by Molly Bam for orphans, and we are looking for linen and clothing for children from birth to 18 years for this – more to follow in upcoming issues.

Apart from our weekly printed paper, we bring you news via our website which is local, national and international. We have broken stories before the dailies, and have kept you informed of news that we felt necessary to disseminate, and promoted tourism. We have gone beyond our call of duty.

We introduced ‘Tittle Tattle’, a weekly live broadcast from various venues, which some weeks promotes our advertisers or events, giving you a run down of the newspaper stories for that week, as well as going through the adverts or special offers in the newspaper.

Although you are exposed to some of our staff who are more visible, we have others who do just as much behind the scenes. We have a close knit family of staff who all go beyond the call of duty to bring you the best on offer – both on the news front, advertising, design, distribution, accounts, design and more. Our friendly staff are there to serve and help wherever possible. We are a great team!

Our website has been extremely successful and growing at a great pace. Advertisers on the website have reported great feedback on the various ad promotions and services offered. Please contact Bryan or Adele if you would like more information on any form of advertising – print, on-line, social media, live broadcasts, etc. – we can tailor a proposal that would best serve your business at a very reasonable price.

Our news is of an extremely high standard and we cover varied stories without fear or favour. I believe there is very little that happens in our town that we do not cover. No story is too insignificant either – everyone matters to us. This year we re-branded with a new masthead and new layout, with larger type-faces for all who reported that the type was too small to read. We listened, and we delivered.

We hope you have enjoyed the many live broadcasts brought to you over the past year, the latest being yesterday and today – live broadcasts from various venues, and today a live broadcast of the as yet unused reverse osmosis plant and 16ML reservoir just north of the Port Alfred dump built as part of Amatola Water’s bulk water supply project for Ndlambe Municipality. Our team has given up their New Year’s day to keep you informed.

So next time you think twice about spending R5.60 for your weekly dose of news (less than a small Bar-one), please think of the eleven staff who put in 40 hours per week minimum to bring you up to speed with what is happening in our town. Yes, that equates to 440 hours, and does not include the work put in by our PE and Jhb teams, or our contributors. We also often work late into the night or on weekends. I am not looking for pity or accolades here, just putting it out there – we do it because we love what we do, and want the best for our clients and readers.

Without your support there would be no newspaper, so thank you to all our readers, advertisers, sport organisations who send in their weekly results, and anyone else who contributes to the success of Talk of the Town – it is after all for the community, so please let us have your news and views. We also offer subscriptions to anywhere in the country – call Anneli should you be interested. Home deliveries in Ndlambe are also offered.

May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life. Wishing you a fantastic year and decade ahead.

Mauneen Charter – Business Manager, Arena Community Newspapers.




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