Calling on community to help with school shoes

Bonani Tinkler Ngqobo, better known as DJ Tinkler, started a back to school charity campaign a couple of years ago, in which he asked the community to help him provide uniforms for needy primary school pupils.

GIVING BACK: Bonani Tinkler Mngqobo has come up with a back to school campaign in which he is asking the community to come together and donate one pair of school shoes Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

This year he will be collecting shoes to donate to five schools: Kuyasa Combined School, Dambuza Primary School, Mtyobo Primary School and Port Alfred Primere Skool in Station Hill.

He is asking members of the community to chip in and help by buying one pair of school shoes to give to the above mentioned schools. You can buy for either a girl child or a boy child. The closing date will be February 2 as they will be delivering the shoes on February 3.

“Everyone here in Port Alfred knows me and they know how much I love doing charities. I am always busy trying to extend a helping hand somewhere,” Ngqobo said.

“The reason I thought of shoes this year, I think watching a child go to school without shoes on his or her feet is really worrying and sad. Their self-esteem just drops that’s why it’s important for them to have these school shoes. I personally know what it’s like, so I am asking the community to come and help and I am not asking for much, this year I just need 30 pairs of school shoes,” he said.

Ngqobo has asked other people to join in on this campaign if they are interested, and join him on the day he is delivering to the schools. He added that this campaign doesn’t have to be his alone, it can be a community thing.

Anyone who is interested in donating a pair of shoes can calling Ngqobo on 073-998-7033 for more information and where they can deliver their pair of shoes.


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