Neighbourly Notes – 23 January 2020

A NEW CENTURY AHEAD: Essie Fick from ACVV Diaz Home in Alexandria turned 100 on January 3. ‘Tannie ’ Essie was one of the founder members of the Diaz Home in the early 1970’s and served the Alexandria Community for many years. The event was hosted by Diaz Home and attended by both her sons, Stephen and Paul, Paul’s his wife Muffy as well as all Essie’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

THIS weekend is another quiet one in the Kowie, but there are a few activities going on in and around the Ndlambe area, specifically, our restaurants, cafes and pubs. If you would like to highlight an event please inform us for inclusion in our diary. However, this is an information, not an advertising medium, so we don’t include “specials” you might have but events that our residents (and visitors) could be interested in attending.

IT’S been just over a week since our children went back to school so, by now, parents (specifically the young moms) should be over the initial feelings of emptiness they experienced last Wednesday (but probably not entirely). Your kids will be full of all the great things they have learnt and the friends they have made and want to tell you about them. Take time to listen because this is an essential part of their development, and their social interaction is going to prepare them for the rest of their schooldays, as well as the rest of their lives. Remember that, as new technologies are introduced, the world they are growing up in is considerably different than yours. All children have natural abilities and giving them the opportunities to exploit their full potential, particularly the younger ones, is incredibly important. Formal education is critical, but putting pressure on children to achieve academic excellence might not be in their best interests in the long-term. Some children are better at maths, others better at woodwork or fixing cars. As long as your children are taught to work hard to achieve their best they will be successful. Bear in mind that as the world rapidly changes, some occupations of today will simply not exist in the future, as new ones come into play. Encouraging your children to find and develop their individual talents will prepare them for the challenges they will face.

BACK down to Earth, the Ndlambe water crisis continues and the municipality is at last taking the situation more seriously than it did in the past. Talk of the Town has been reporting the failure of our water resources for the last 10 years, but the warnings have been largely ignored. SA, particularly the Eastern Cape, is water-scarce. In some ways, the rain we are currently witnessing might make people believe the crisis is over and may be the reason I see people with buckets washing cars as I walk around town. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ndlambe (along with other areas) requires much more rain if dam levels are to recover from their current lows and, even then, this only helps in the short-term. We require a real solution to the problem, and Amatola Water is not the answer. Even the mayor, Khululwa Ncamiso, said as much at the recently-held public meeting on the water situation. But the blame-game seems to be a way of abdicating responsibility and, right now, people need water not words. Someone must drive this forward and make sure that precious water is not wasted; like pouring thousands of litres of water from fire hydrants and not attempting to recover it and using the excuse of “bleeding air” from the lines (lots of water and very little air came out of the pipes in Campbell Street).

HAPPY birthday and all the best for the year ahead to everyone celebrating a birthday this week, especially Chulumanco Siyolo, Brendan Bessinger, Claudia Blumrick, Sylvia Avery, Cheryl Cock, Robin Collett, Anthony de Bruin, Daphne Stott, Raymond Pearson, Shirley Oliver, Adrian Mouton, Daniel Hilpert, Logan Strydom, Ros Clayton, Nerissa von Pletzen, Warrick Beetge, Eric Garner, Anthony Katz, Gary du Randt, Bruce Coates, Mike Brown, Kate Bendeman, Emma Thorp, Merna McCabe, Merryl Uys, Michael Tarrant, Alex Harris, Louise Wiggett, Helene Taylor, Karen Elliott, Belinda Botha, LindyHeny, Tracy Painting, Clair Wepener, Sas Pringle, Leon du Plessis, Lorraine Mitchell and Beryl Goddard.

FURTHER success and good luck for the future to all businesses and organisations celebrating an anniversary – congratulations to Salon Florence, Hi-Tec (Coastal) Security, Gary Grapentin’s East Cape Shotokan-Ryu Karate, First PA Sea Scouts/ Cubs and Albany Vintage Car Museum.

THE World Economic Forum is currently meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and the main item on the agenda is climate change. While most of the leaders around the world are either present or have sent high-profile delegations, there seems to be no agreement yet on the steps to be taken to reduce the impact of climate change. The reasons for this are economic in nature. How can a country that relies on coal or oil possibly terminate its production, throwing its economy into turmoil through loss of revenue and the subsequent loss of jobs? Yet, we also know we cannot continue to pump billions of tons of carbon into our oceans and the atmosphere and drain a valuable resource that can be used for better purposes (or just left in the ground). This is a conundrum that is only going to escalate in the future and we need real and practical solutions to the problem. The time for political rhetoric is over With last year’s figures in brackets to compare against, the Rand was trading at R14.48 (R13.93) to the dollar, R18.90 (R8.06) to the Pound and R16.05 (R15.83) to the Euro. Gold was trading at $1,557.26 ($1,285.35), Platinum trading at $932.42 ($793.10) and Brent Crude was $64.23 ($61.81).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. Sterkte Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Derek Church, Jan Haig, Gavin Tessendorf and Lyn Charter.

HEARTFELT condolences to the family of Sheila Maud Downer, much loved by Penny, Margie, Mark and John, who passed away on January 19. Memories will become less painful as time goes on, but the love you shared will remain forever.

SINCERE sympathy and kind wishes to the family and friends of Jeremy Turner who passed away Monday January 20. Special thoughts go to his wife, three daughters and grandchildren in this very sad time. We hope cherished memories of good times spent together in the past comfort all those who will miss him greatly through all the sad times in the future.

BRAVO and best wishes for many more happy years ahead to everyone celebrating an anniversary, especially Warwick and Lindy Heny, and Brian and Megan Wright.

THOUGHT for the week: “The thing that is really hard and really amazing is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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