The 2020 Pineapple Cricket Tournament Schedule

It’s time for this year’s Pineapple Cricket tournament, and the schedule is full of must-see matches and exciting competition to establish the 2020 Pineapple Cricket winners.

Here’s the schedule.

The 116th Pineapple Tournament 2020

Fixture list

Saturday March 7                                            

Country Club, Salem 1 vs Manley Flats 1

School A, Cuylerville 1 vs Rhodes

School B, Sidbury 1 vs Ght Inv

Hospital, Station Hill vs Port Alfred 2

Hilpert, Manley Flats 2 vs Shrews

Air School, Tiger Titans vs Early Birds

Sunday March 8                                               

Country Club, Southwell 1 vs Port Alfred 1

School A, Cuylerville 1 vs Manley Flats 1

School B, Salem 1 vs Rhodes

Hospital, Kenton vs Culerville 2

Hilpert, Southwell 2 vs Rainbows

Air School, Sidbury 2 vs Salem 2

Monday March 9                                             

Country Club, Toyota East Legends vs West Legends

School A, Sidbury 1 vs Port Alfred 1

School B, Southwell 1 vs Ght Inv

Hospital, Port Alfred 2 vs Early Birds

Hilpert, Station Hill vs Tiger Titans

Air School, 

Tuesday March 10                                          

Country Club, Southwell 2 vs Cuylerville 2

School A, Salem 1 vs Cuylerville 1

School B, Manley Flats 1 vs Rhodes

Hospital, Manley Flats 2 vs Sidbury 2

Hilpert, Salem 2 vs Shrews

Air School, Kenton vs Rainbows

Wednesday March 11                                   

Country Club, Port Alfred 1 vs Ght Inv

School A, PAHS vs Fort Beaufort

School B, Southwell 1 vs Sidbury 1

Hospital, Cathcart vs The Owls

Hilpert, Port Alfred 2, vs Tiger Titans

Air School, Station Hill vs Early Birds

Thursday March 12                                         

Country Club, Manley Flats 2 vs Salem 2

School A, The Owls vs The Gypseys

School B, PAHS vs Nieu Bethesda

Hospital, Kenton vs Southwell 2

Hilpert, Sidbury vs Shrews

Air School, Cuylerville 2 vs Rainbows

Friday March 13                                               

Country Club, Niue Bethesda vs Fort Beaufort

School A, SF winner A1 vs 2nd place A2

School B, SF winner A2 vs 2nd place A1

Hospital, SF winner B2 B2 B3 vs Best 2nd place team

Hilpert, SF winner B2 B2 B3 vs Best 2nd place team

Air School, Cathcart vs Gypseys

Saturday March 14                                         

Country Club, Final A Section

School A, Plate final 3rd A1 vs 3rd A2

School B, Final Inv A vs Inv B

Hospital, Final B section

Hilpert, Plate Final B Section 2nd place teams not in SF

Plate Final Inv League

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