Elderly residents demand water

NO WATER FOR WEEKS: Residents of Sunset Park on Port Alfred’s East Bank met with Ndlambe’s deputy director for infrastructure, Sipho Babama, centre, to demand water as per the water schedule published by the municipality Picture: ROB KNOWLES

As the water crisis in Ndlambe continues, residents of Sunset Park on Port Alfred’s East Bank said they were tired of having no water and have been forced to take fewer showers or baths, and not do their laundry unless the water is flowing from their taps.

In an effort to find out what is happening on the East Bank the residents took a trip to see the municipal director in charge of infrastructure, Noluthando Vithi-Masiza, who passed the responsibility to her deputy Sipho Babama, who explained the situation.

The elderly residents claimed that since February 28 they have had no water whatsoever. They also said that, since January 1 to date, they have only had 16 days of water in total. One resident said that showers were a rarity these days as there wasn’t enough water to even take a bucket bath.

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