Port Alfred churches Intercede for Zimbabwe and the world at large

Women of different denominations were united in intercession for the world, but with Zimbabwe being the country of focus at the Port Alfred Baptist Church last Friday.

SPIRITUAL GATHERING: Women’s World Day of Prayer saw the Port Alfred Baptist church filled to its capacity last Friday by women of different denominations interceding on behalf of the whole world, but with Zimbabwe being the main focus Picture: TK MTIKI

The programme for this year’s Women’s World Day of Prayer also marked the 90th celebration of its existence. The programme was themed “Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk”.

Anyone familiar with Zimbabwe could see the country’s cultural aspects reflected in the programme, but for some who have never been to Zimbabwe it was a glimpse to learn about the country’s culture.

One of the traditions in Zimbabwe is to serve a visitor with a glass of water which is stored in clay pots to keep it cool.

Giving the brief about the programme Daphne Foord said: “WWDP has been in existence for 90 years. It is the first time that an African country wrote the programme. Every year we have this programme but in different churches in town.”

Complementing the purpose of the programme was the style of dress displayed by three young girls. Each of those girls was carrying a placard with the meaning of the colour she was wearing.

A girl who wore red as a sign of love had a placard which read “God is love, let us rise with our hearts full of love”. Another young lady wore a white T-shirt which represented peace and she had a placard that read “Jesus is the Prince of peace, let us raise our mats for peace”. The third girl’s placard read “God made all things new in Christ, we are reconciled to God. Let us walk towards reconciliation, let us walk towards a new life of reconciliation and commitment”.

One of the things prayed for was violence which seems to be escalating every day.

Most of the items rendered were linked to theme, “Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk”. The theme of the programme was taken from John 5:1-9.

Sharing the message was Jeanne Munro who started her message by posing a question to the audience which was asked by Jesus to the lame man: Do you want to be made well?

“The man, when he was asked by Jesus, shared his problem with Jesus. A problem that had lasted for 38 years. Obviously he was a loner. Some of us try to keep our problems to ourselves. We do not share them with others. But a problem shared is always a problem halved. We need to remember that when we share our problems with our Lord Jesus it’s more than half doubled,” Munro said.

Munro went on to mention that Jesus was not like any other human being in any case. She further explained that the lame man had a positive reaction to Jesus’ question and there was an immediate healing when Jesus said to the man arise take up your mat and walk.

Encouraging trust to Jesus she said: “All God requires of us is instead of lying back and waiting for others to do things for us is make an effort to get up. God has promised he will heal us, he has healed us. Read the word of God, hear the word of God and speak the word of God.”

She encouraged the attendees that they should trust God even during this time when the whole world is afraid of the coronavirus.

“Trust in the Lord and he will sustain you. Let us pray that we never find ourselves in that situation where once we leave this earth we face our Maker and he says get away from me I never knew you,” she said.


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