Search on for Durban man who ignored lifeguards and jumped off pier

A search is under way for a man who ignored instructions from lifeguards on Sunday and jumped off a pier in Durban, despite beaches being closed to bathing.

Police will resume the search for a man who jumped off a pier into the sea and disappeared below the water in Durban on Sunday.
Image: Twitter/SAPS

Police divers from Durban SAPS search and rescue (SAR) and Durban metro police SAR were called to the Bay of Plenty/North Beach pier.

It is understood that two men ventured on to the pier.

One of them disregarded an eThekwini lifeguard’s instructions and jumped off the pier.

Lifeguards and police divers conducted a backline and shoreline search, to no avail.

On Wednesday, the eThekwini municipality, among other things, prohibited bathing at all of its beaches and closed swimming pools in the city.

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