IN QUOTES | ‘Alcohol sales should be regulated even after lockdown’: David Makhura

Gauteng Premier David Makhura says alcohol sales should be regulated even after the lockdown comes to an end.

Gauteng premier David Makhura spoke about the positive effects strict alcohol regulation has had on society and the need to extend regulation after the lockdown is lifted.
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Briefing the media on Tuesday during his visit to a Covid-19 food bank storage in Ekurhuleni, Pretoria, Makhura said Gauteng would apply strict measures to deal with people who consumed alcohol and misbehaved.

Here are five quotes from Makhura’s briefing.

Negative impact of alcohol

“We must find a way to deal with the negative impact of alcohol in our society. I am not saying we must ban alcohol forever. I am sure that there are people who drink and behave.

Dealing with alcohol after Covid-19

“A lot of the negative impact on society due to alcohol consumption is something that we must deal with post-Covid-19.”

Saving lives

“Post Covid-19, we must come back to deal with this issue. I want us to continue saving lives.”

Saffas drink too much

“South Africans drink too much, just too much, and it causes accidents and fights … our hospitals are reporting they no longer have people arriving there with stab wounds, gunshot wounds and wounds sustained in motor vehicle accidents.”

Road fatalities

“This year there were only two road fatalities during the Easter weekend lockdown, compared to years gone by. We must find ways to deal with the negative impacts of alcohol in our society.”

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