Quick guide to understanding level 4 lockdown rules

ON PATROL: You still can’t walk the dog or go jogging. Gyms will not reopen, though “some form of exercise” will be allowed. Details next week.
Picture: Thapelo Morebudi / The Sunday Times

Now that the Covid-19 national command council has outlined what lockdown level 4 means, South Africans are expected to adhere to the new regulations.

Here is a list of what will change in this new phase of lockdown:

  • No, you still can’t walk the dog or go jogging. Gyms will not reopen, though “some form of exercise” will be allowed. Details next week.
  • Retailers may sell winter clothes, blankets and bedding.
  • No sale of alcohol, but cigarettes can be bought.
  • About 1.5-million workers, or 40% of the workforce, will return to work when the lockdown reaches level 4.
  • IT equipment, such as computers and cellphones, can be manufactured and sold.
  • Stationery and educational books can be sold.
  • No-one is allowed out of their homes between 8pm and 5am, unless they are essential services workers.
  • Restaurants and takeaways will be open for delivery only.
  • Cloth masks must be worn in public.
  • Companies reopening must conduct screening of employees and ensure social distancing during working hours.
  • Employees aged 60 and over should not be compelled to come in to the office.
  • Mining operations will increase in phases, up to 100%.
  • Engineering, accounting and legal services will return to work in phases.
  • Interprovincial travel is still not allowed, except when returning to work. But you must be able to provide proof of employment.


  1. In the draft regulations published for consultation I can find no reference to not jogging or walking a dog – am I missing something folks?

  2. Hi Peter. Please give the link to the draft Level 4 regulations.

    I had a little discussion with my local police this morning when I was spotted walking to Woolworths (a km from my home) with my shopping bag in one hand and my little dog on a lead in the other.

    I very politely argued that my primary purpose was a permitted “essential service” and there was nothing in the Level 5 Regulations that said I couldn’t be accompanied by my dog when performing an “essential service”. I pointed out that there would be no objection if I drove to Woolworths and left my dog in the car. It so happened that I chose to walk.

    My argument fell on deaf ears. I agreed to return home with my dog and the police agreed to come to my house in an hour and show me the relevant regulations. I am still waiting.

  3. I have a garden service business. If I collect my guys and take them home, thus eliminating taxi transport. And if they wear masks and the driver stays in the car. Why can’t we work? They dont interact with anyone.

    • Because the world is a complex place and when drafting new regulations in a hurry, it’s difficult for even the best-intentioned and most thoughtful people to come up with rules that make precise sense for every contingency.

  4. In respect of Level 4, are legal services, e.g. pursuing a court case iro Breach of Contract, allowed, and, if so, in what way? Consultations with one’s attorneys by Zoom or in person or by email, etc.?

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