Neighbourly Notes – 2 April 2020

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: Sid and Marion (nee de la Mare) Penney of Makhanda (Grahamstown) were married in the Baptist Church in Grahamstown on Saturday April 4 1970. Sid is the writer of the Makhanda (Grahamstown) column in Talk of the Town. Sid and Marion will sadly not be able to celebrate the occasion with friends due to the coronavirus lockdown. Not even their son Stephen and daughter- in- law Terri-Lynn will be able to go across town and celebrate the special occasion

With the global Covid-19 pandemic devastating communities throughout the world, South
Africans need to ensure they obey the national lockdown conditions. Our close-knit communities in our townships are particularly susceptible to contagion and therefore must be cautious when touching things (such as keypads on ATMs and pay points in stores). Please be careful and do not be the reason for others catching the virus. Wash your hands  after you touch anything and make sure you thoroughly clean any surface you use or is used by others. Together we can beat this. Rob and the TotT team wish you well over the period of the national lockdown. Stay safe.

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