Covid-19: Latest Eastern Cape breakdown by district

The Eastern Cape health department on Sunday revealed the province’s latest breakdown of provincial Covid-19 infections by district.

On Saturday day night the provincial count rose to 732 with no new deaths. To date the Eastern Cape has had 13 deaths and 275 recoveries.

Province-wide, Nelson Mandela Bay, Buffalo City, and Chris Hani district have the three highest case numbers by district, but Nelson Mandela Bay and Chris Hani are both increasing their count more rapidly. A large proportion of Buffalo City’s cases come from the hight number of infected officials and inmates at East London Correctional Centre in Westbank.

  • Nelson Mandela Bay: 355
  • Buffalo City: 161
  • Chris Hani district: 110
  • O.R. Tambo district: 58
  • Alfred Nzo: 17
  • Sarah Baartman district: 16
  • Amathole district: 10
  • Joe Gqabi district: 3


  1. I support SA’s measures to protect us from Covid19. That said, I am not coping AT all with cold-turkey nicotine withdrawal, both mine and my husband’s. He suffers from PTSD. What about mental health issues under these _extremely_ stressful circumstances? I don’t think I can cope any more. Better if I just end it now.

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      • Itu, that was the best message you could give to Heather the salvation message bless you. Take hold of what you have just heard Heather it’s the best news you could ever
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  2. To believe that these figures are a true reflection of the virus being managed would be an extremely simplistic view with a lack of ability to see the bigger picture, understand our history over the past 25 years and question deeply.

  3. He is the God our Healer just believe…keep the faith and trust Him as He is in control and He knows what is best He is a God of a second…third and fourth chance and He loves us all as He created all of us. Jesus now more then ever!!

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