Herman Mashaba to Tito Mboweni: ‘Save our country and to hell with the ANC political consequences’

POLITICAL MUSCLE: Former Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba weighs-in on ANC’s stance on the economy

Former Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba is the latest to weigh in on Tito Mboweni’s political frustrations about collective decisions which affect the economy.

This week, the finance minister went on a Twitter rant about cabinet responsibility and ministers backing a collective decision, even if they do not agree on certain matters. Mboweni compared this to “swallowing a rock” and being “free but not free”.

“Not so long ago, I was a free man, no political constraints. Then I agreed, voluntarily, to join the government,” said Mboweni. “Free but not free. You have to obey the majority/collective decisions. Sometimes it feels like swallowing a rock!”

Weighing in on the rant, Mashaba urged Mboweni to focus on saving SA instead of dwelling on political consequences.

The People’s Dialogue leader told Mboweni to “put aside the voices of lunacy in cabinet” and “do what needs to be done to save our country”.

“As I told President [Cyril Ramaphosa], now is the time to do what is right for South Africa. To hell with the ANC political consequences,” he said.

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