WATCH | ‘Please get off the lady’: man begs ‘soldier’ to let crying woman go

The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) has launched an investigation to identify the “coward” in uniform caught on video assaulting a woman.

Footage of the incident shared on social media depicted a man wearing a SANDF uniform sitting on top of a woman who can be heard crying.

A bystander begs the man to get off the woman. “Stand up. I’m asking you as a person‚ man to man‚ stand up and let the lady go‚” he says.

The man in uniform replies: “There’s no man to man. I’m talking to my girl.”

He eventually does stand up after repeatedly being asked to.

The SANDF said they were aware of the video depicting a man in “recognisable SANDF camouflage uniform assaulting a vulnerable female individual in the most demeaning act of abuse‚” according to spokesperson Col Ronald Maseko.

“Investigations have been launched to identify the coward in the clip by the relevant military police officials.

“The SANDF wholly and unreservedly supports national efforts and all campaigns against women and children abuse by individuals not worthy to be called men in the communities they come from.

“Any kind of gender-based violence against women and children in the military community is unacceptable and is frowned upon.”

Maseko said should the person be identified‚ he would be brought to book and face “the full might of the law as soon as possible”.

By: Iavan Pijoos

Source: ARENA Holdings.

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