Cables thieves cause power outage

Cable theft was the cause of Thursday’s power outage which affected the Port Alfred CBD and parts of the West Bank.

CDR Electrical, the electrical contractor appointed by Ndlambe Municipality in place of Manelec, restored power to most who had been affected just after 4pm.

CDR Electrical owner Russell Jackson-Moss, who was also out in the field locating and fixing the fault, said the outage had started at about 10am.

“We noticed a dip in the power but didn’t immediately get calls from residents,” he said.

When they realised there was an outage they started looking for the fault. “It’s a process of elimination, narrowing it down to where it is,” he said.

They located the problem at the site of the old reverse osmosis (RO) plant on the banks of the Kowie River at the corner of Wharf Street and the road to Centenary Park. “There was vandalism and cable theft. They didn’t get away with much, but it affected a large part of town,” Jackson-Moss said.

By this morning, he said power had been restored everywhere except to several houses on what is known as the Centenary Park island. “We’ll have it restored within a couple of hours,” he assured.

CDR Electrical can be contacted on the old Manelec number (046) 624-2506.

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