Employees can check payment status on UIF Covid-19 portal, but it has flaws

A test done by staff at Arena Holdings came up with different responses for four employees when using the UIF website to query why payouts have not been received.
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Employees who have not received payouts from the Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (Ters), which is the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Covid-19 fund, since the beginning of lockdown, have no way of finding out what could be outstanding or delaying their payouts.

The UIF Covid-19 Ters portal allows employees to check the status of their applications by entering their ID numbers. Responses differ depending on whether the employer followed the application process correctly.

Among these responses is “employee not found” or “application not processed”.

According to the UIF website, “employee not found” means the employer has not declared the employee, and “application not processed yet” could mean the employer did not use the correct universal bank code, or the payment will be made in a few days.

Although the meaning of these responses is explained on the UIF website, employees have no way to get detailed reasons specific to their companies about why they have not been paid.

A test done by staff at Arena Holdings came up with different responses for four staff members.

UIF commissioner Makhosonke Buthelezi told TimesLIVE on Friday that the UIF communicates with the employers if there are inconsistencies with the application.

These can range from the declaration of employees who are not on their data base to incorrect company banking details or incomplete employee details. He said some employers fail to declare their employees on a monthly basis, as required by the Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act.

Buthelezi said there are about 100,000 employees who have not been declared by their employers.

“This tells you about the degree of non-compliance of employers out there. If they were all declaring their employees as required, the applications would be processed smoothly.”

Buthelezi said some companies have declared deceased employees, which also slows the payment process as the UIF has a duty to investigate these cases.

“As a way to prevent fraud, we put such applications aside for further investigation to ascertain whether it was a mistake or intentional, and that usually delays the payment.”



  1. What would have happened if u check your uif status an said processed but the employer said he didn’t received the money?

  2. How do i escalate non payment of UIFTers. My company claimed for employees. People whose status is not processed got paid, people who are not captured got paid people who ate processed are not paid. Ceo keeps giving stories that he hasnt received payment yet it shows he got paid. Wat do i i . Please help

  3. Please help I am blocked on my uif but it says processed I went into the Paarl office on June when will I get my paymnet

    • Hi Jennifer, I have the same problem.. my unemployment benefit cant pay out because of a block on my name from Ters.. have you been helped? If so how can I go to work to get my money I’m waiting for for so long…

  4. My company has been applying for ters and couple of us did not receive the money, when I went to the platform system say no employee fund how will you help me 0822310985 my ID number is 8504125487085

  5. My employer claimed for me for uifters since the beginning of the lock down but I didn’t receive anything due to my maternity claim that I didn’t receive anything also I just wanna know will I still be able to get the outstanding uifters???

  6. Hilda mphahlele i didn’t get my uif matenity money yet i want to know when can i get my money my id no is 8303210420089

    • Hi i didn’t receive my UIF ters funds and the stutas still say application not processed yet but im surprised couse my colleagues got paid

  7. how do we do when i check my status is been paid to my employer but i did not recieve anything from my employer

  8. My name is tshengisile I lost my job after lock down I submitted all my paperwork July but I haven’t received anything yet

  9. Ive never recieved Covid Relief fund since March my Boss keep on saying he did declared my application but till today my application keeps on saying Not proccessed yet. My no.0636993049

  10. Hey me to I didn’t get paid from June till now my boos he runs away I call he don’t answer and they called all workers but except me no retrenchment letter and UIF what must I supposed to do?

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