Family helps the destitute at the dump

FEEDING THE LESS PRIVILEGED: The Mgudwa family saw a need and decided to help feed the indigent and destitute people at the Port Alfred dumpsite. Their friends are also assisting them and they ask for companies and individuals to join them with this important intervention
Seeing the needs of a group of destitute people at the dumpsite, the Mgudwa family from Port Alfred, Father Sam, mother Mbally Lamani-Mgudwa and their two children, were inspired to put their faith into practice and feed the hungry on the Sabbath (day of rest).
On Saturday June 27 they took food from their cupboards to the dumpsite and fed almost 70 people with soup and a rice dish.
“The dumpsite group are not educated on Covid-19, and during this wintertime they do not have warm clothes and blankets,” explained Mbally. She was particularly concerned with the children who scavenge at the dump.
Sam shared the Word of God to encourage them that they are in God favour. He recognised their bad living conditions but told them God continues to protect them from becoming ill during the winter cold.
The Mgudwa family were at the dumpsite again the following Saturday, July 4, and were accompanied by friends where Word of God from the book of Genesis was again shared with the people at the dumpsite.
The dumpsite residents were pleased to see Mgudwa family again and thanked them for leaving their comfortable home to reach out to them.
“We would appreciate more people assisting our small group,” said Sam. “We would also like to appeal to any companies that would care to assist us. We all throw so much food away when there are people at the dumpsite who are starving, and this isn’t right.”
“And doing a good thing is emotionally rewarding,” added Mbally.
Sam approached the manager of the Build it store, Frank Combinck, who donated money and provided his store’s banners for erect at the dump.
The group meets at the dumpsite at noon every Saturday. Bring what you can spare to help feed or keep these destitute people warm this winter.
“Even if you have nothing to share your presence says a lot. We will maintain social distance, wear masks and sanitize ourselves regularly to curb the spread of Covid-19,” said Sam.
Should you wish to attend or to simply donate items, please contact the Mgudwa family on 083-727-2739.

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