Crime Briefs – July 22 to July 28

Just before 11am on Wednesday July 22 it was reported that a man was seen wearing a red jacket and carrying two bags running up Southwell Road. Atlas Security patrolled the area but reported that he couldn’t see anyone fitting that description.

  • At 11.04 am last Thursday the Atlas control room received a call reporting a suspicious male wearing blue pants, a bright red top and black backpack in the area of William-Pierce Street. Atlas attended and reported the man had been spotted in Marlin Road. It turned out to be an elderly man looking for work. He was requested to leave the area.
  • Last Thursday evening at 10pm noises were reported on West Beach Drive. Atlas Security made contact with the complainant as well as checking around the premises but nothing suspicious and reported back that everything was in order.

In the early hours of Friday morning, at just after 1am, another report of banging noises was reported, this time in Coombe Lane . Atlas Security attended to the incident but reported that everything was in order and there were no more banging noises.

  • On Monday evening at 10.25pm a report was made to the Atlas control room from the Riverside 911 Group stating that dogs were barking along Henry Street. Atlas Security patrolled the area but reported there was nothing suspicious happening.
  • At the same time at Southwell Manor on Becker Street it was reported that a man was spotted running across the cricket field at the Hospital grounds towards Southwell Manor but then had just disappeared. While the Atlas Security officer spoke to the client he spotted the same male wearing blue pants running up Southwell Road. After speaking with the Damant Lodge guard as well as the farm security guard the security officer was told they saw the man running into Miles Street and said he was also wearing a brown leather jacket. The security officers reported they had not seen anyone.
  • An hour later, at 11:35 the Atlas Control Room received a message on the East Bank 911 Group reporting that the dogs were barking excessively. Atlas Security checked the area but reported nothing suspicious and that there were no dogs barking.

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