DA claims it would run the municipality with transparency

As the 2021 local government elections are fast approaching, parties have already started using the Ndlambe FM community radio station as a platform to articulate their policies and plans.

BEHIND THE MIC: The Democratic Alliance claimed on Ndlambe FM Radio on Friday that given an opportunity they could run the Ndlambe Municipality with transparency and subsequently eradicate poverty in Ndlambe. From left are Ndlambe FM station manager Dodo Shupping with DA councillors Sikhumbuzo Venene and Phil Kani Picture: TK MTIKI

Democratic Alliance councillors Sikhumbuzo Venene and Phil Kani were given an opportunity to speak about their party last Friday, and said they could run the Ndlambe Municipality with transparency and eradicate poverty.

DA PR councillor Phil Kani, from Kenton-on-Sea, has been assigned responsibility for Wards 1 and 4. He referred to the Western Cape to support his party’s claims of running municipalities effectively and creating jobs.

“As the DA we have tangible evidence that where we rule, we rule better. For example, life in Cape Town is much better compared to the provinces that are under the ruling party. It is important for people to choose the political party they vote for wisely,” Kani said.

Adding to his claims he said people from the Eastern Cape and other provinces flock to Cape Town for two reasons – jobs and better education. He said huge informal settlements had grown around Cape Town due to this annual influx.

Kani went on to ask people to vote for the DA in the next local elections, adding that by voting the DA they are also helping themselves. Although Kani claimed that the DA was the better party to vote for, he acknowledged it had its weaknesses.

Kani’s colleague, PR councillor Sikhumbuzo Venene (responsible for Wards 6 and 9) directed the discussion to local issues, saying the people of Ndlambe wanted to hear about what would change their lives here.

Venene highlighted unemployment as a major problem in Ndlambe, saying that under a DA-run municipality unemployment could be addressed with transparency and fairness.

“We (DA) want to deal with unemployment in Ndlambe, which is the major challenge. Poverty and crime is too high in Ndlambe. I believe if people are working crime might be lowered, and I am not justifying the crime,” he said.

He said if voters could give them the majority votes to dominate the council, the DA would be able to make decisions that would change people’s lives. “Given an opportunity we would make sure that in the IDP and the budget we put unemployment as the priority,” he said.

He said the DA would tackle nepotism, pointing to the proliferation of members of the same family working for the municipality. The limit would be one job in the municipality per family.

“That will reduce members of the same family working for the same municipality. Reduce those same family members to open up the space for other families,” he said.

Venene asserted the DA would change the way things were done. “We want things to be transparent. Remember the mission and the vision of the municipality says we should be transparent,” he said.

“Maybe we can even do the interviews in a stadium and say bring your qualifications here. People want to see and know how these employees were employed. We will change the Ndlambe Municipality into something else, but that depends on people to vote for us if they want the changes.”

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