Buffalo City Metro waste management facilities to be upgraded

BCMM Communications

BCMM spokesman Samkelo Ngwenya

Buffalo City Metro is working towards addressing non-compliance issues with its waste management facilities as required by the National Environmental Management of Waste Act (NEMWA).

A report on Central Transfer Station and remedial action taken to address non-compliance on waste management facilities as raised by the Department of Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism, was tabled at a Virtual Council meeting that was held on Friday, August 28

NEMWA is a regulating body for waste management in order to protect health and environment by providing reasonable measures for the prevention of pollution, promote conservation and secure ecologically sustainable development.

The City has a plan in place to upgrade the facilities as a means of addressing the issue of non-complying BCMM Waste Management Facilities.

Some of the facilities which will be upgraded are Kidds Beach Transfer Station, Beacon Bay Transfer Station, Stoney Drift Transfer Station, Kaysers Beach Transfer Station, Cambridge Transfer Station.

The renovations to upgrade the transfer stations to be operational and compliant garden transfer station will include renovations of offices, change rooms and ablution facilities.

The sites will be supplied with adequate equipment, those unregistered will be registered with DEDEAT and the sites will be fenced to improve access control.

Waste Management employees will be trained on site operations and management.

Designs have been completed to utilise annual contractors for the construction of offloading ramp and fencing of the sites

All waste in the sites will be excavated and disposed at a registered landfill site licensed to receive general waste.

Due to lack of waste management infrastructure, Waste Management department is intending to use Cambridge Transfer Station as an Integrated Waste Management Facility and assessment will be conducted to determine suitability.

For more information contact BCM Spokesperson, Samkelo Ngwenya-0735574707.

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