Social media users can’t stomach ENO SA’s ‘insensitive’ bunny chow advert

Social media users have called ENO’s advert an “epic fail” and said it is “insensitive and unprofessional advertising” during Heritage Month.
Image: via Facebook

ENO SA’s latest advert, featuring a mouthwatering bunny chow, has left a bad aftertaste for many social media users who have branded it an insult to Indian heritage.

The advertisement posted on Facebook features a mutton bunny chow, a packet of fried chips and tomato sauce with the caption: “Enjoyed a big lunch and starting to regret it? Spring back into action fast with ENO — it gets to work in six seconds to bring the relief you need.”

Facebook users have called it an “epic fail”, and not because fried chips, tomato sauce and bunny chows never ever go together, but because they claim it is “insensitive and unprofessional advertising”, especially during Heritage Month.

In her post, television chef and restaurateur Yudhika Sujanani said the bunny chow came from an innovation during “the dark times of indenture, carrying with it tales of a painful past with the barbed wire of racism and discrimination being the thread”.

Sujanani said: “That said, I rejoice every time I see a bunny make a headline. and I don’t and haven’t ever needed an ENO for ‘six-second’ relief. I don’t speak for a community or as an expert on indenture or the food, but that’s my heritage. I, like so many others, come from indentured stock. I don’t need six-second relief from a bunny chow. What we do need is relief from stereotyping. Indians don’t walk around with an ENO sachet in their pockets and handbags, and no, curry doesn’t always give you indigestion. Dear ENO, it’s Heritage Month. What were you thinking? And if it wasn’t Heritage Month, it still wouldn’t be OK.”

Denisha Newton wrote: “Hmmm, there are so many things wrong with this advert.  Firstly that combination of fried chips and tomato sauce isn’t correct. Who has chips with a bunny chow? A popular takeaway food since the late 1940s, you need a lesson on heritage. Is it not Heritage Month, where we celebrate all things wonderful with our diversity? You should have learnt from the Clicks advert fail.”

ENO SA did not respond to a request for comment. Its social media team’s respond to every comment was standard: “We are sorry to hear that and appreciate your candid feedback. Please be assured your feedback has been taken into account and will be used as reference to improve our service.”

BY Nivashni Nair


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