Beware of remote jamming at Rosehill Mall – and everywhere else

DANGER! Make sure your car is locked as thieves now use devices that can jam your car’s remote locking electronics

More incidents of cars being broken into are being reported according to police, making it necessary to warn the public about remote jamming devices.

Remote jamming, or car-jamming, is a practice where criminals use a signal-jamming device to prevent a car’s central locking and alarm systems from being activated, leaving a vehicle vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

One of the other problems is people leaving valuables visible to passers-by. Recently a laptop was removed from a car at Rosehill Mall because the thief prevented the owner from correctly locking his vehicle.

If using a central locking device please make sure that the vehicle is properly locked before you walk away (the jamming device does not open the car but prevents it being locked in the first place). Do not walk away until you are certain your car is locked.

And do not leave valuables lying visible in the vehicle that may lead to criminals breaking into the vehicle and stealing them.

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