Clients may visit Legal Aid offices without an appointment

But masks remain compulsory under level 1 lockdown rules

Legal Aid SA will from Monday allow walk-in visits to its offices following the country’s move to lockdown level 1.
Image: 123RF/Stockstudio44

Legal Aid will allow clients to visit their offices directly without having to first call its advice line to request an appointment.

The move by Legal Aid SA follows the country’s move to lockdown level 1, which necessitated the legal services provider to revise its guidelines and regulations for walk-in clients, for both criminal and civil matters, as well as for legal advice.

The organisation, which provides legal services to more than 700,000 people a year, has been operating on a minimal staff work plan and appointments since SA first went into lockdown in March. It will keep to Covid-19 health and safety protocols at all its 64 offices and 64 satellite offices.

“We remain committed to taking proactive measures to ensure your safety and wellbeing during these trying times,” Legal Aid SA spokesperson Mfanafuthi Shabangu said.

Members of the public will not be granted access to Legal Aid SA offices without a face mask. They also be required to sanitise their hands, have their temperature readings taken and abide by social-distancing protocols.



  1. The Legal aid board continue to operate as during apartheid by not honouring its promises that plea-bargain will result in suspended sentence instead it implicate blacks than telling courts the truth about why the accused pleaded guilty.It also allow due process rights of blacks to be violated where it fail to tell the court about such nviolations pertaining to making a statement without the presency of lawyers,forced to make a statement \under duress and torture to get evidence.Whites are told to apply for their cases to be heard after hours and are allowed to pay a fine affordable to them on the same day they are arrested if they opt for plea-bargain!

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