SASSA Grant Payment in November 2020

OLDER PERSON’S GRANTS will be paid from 03 November 2020
DISABILITY GRANTS will be paid from 04 November 2020
This includes any grants linked to these accounts.
All other grants will be paid from 05 November 2020 #SASSACARES


  1. Hi there a have applied for the 350 Grant have been approved for July and August and September and is still waiting for the sms so go to the post office I don’t have a bank I have 2 kids to feed and have no money can someone please help me I don’t now what to do I have send a email to sassa asking them to help me but still no answer

  2. Sassa rejected me for SRD,, am unemployed not having any income,, the reason for my rejection is am registered with Nsfas😑😑
    But I don’t know how come 😑😑,, tried to email nsfas to ask what’s going on but I was ignored.
    It really hurts to be rejected every month for something I don’t even know,,, so can I get help please, like how do I even show that I don’t get cent anywhere?

  3. when the petrol increase so does food and clothing and municipality service and everything else does except the government grand for the poor

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