Neighbourly Notes – 8 October 2020

HELP WITH WATER WOES: DA representatives met at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club on Tuesday to discuss the current water crisis and plan a way forward. The group then moved to the site where the proposed seawater reverse osmosis plant is planned to be situated. From left, are DA councillor Ray Schenk, DA MP Leon Basson, DA councillor Skura Venene and DA MPL Retief Odendaal

IT is day 196 of the national lockdown and it seems that people have a new lease on life, with residents on the streets and in the shops, some appearing for the first time in months. There are even a few visitors from outside the area who have been seen around our towns over the weekend, a good omen for the area and, perhaps, some relief for our local tourism industry. The fear of contracting Covid- 9 is still at the back of people’s minds but there are other, more subtle issues that have changed the way we go about our business. For example, social distancing has become a way of life for many and the idea of being shoulder-to shoulder in a crowded pub or restaurant is particularly unappealing. Mask-wearing is another issue, with some wearing their masks on a virtually constant basis, while others only donning them when forced to, when entering a public building. Covid-19 has not gone away and we are told it could resurge with a vengeance, as has happened in parts of Europe and the US. India is fast becoming a Covid- 19 hot-spot, while China (as far as we can tell) seems to be on the road to recovery. But one thing needs to be stated upfront: Though we are told the recovery rate for Covid-19 is 90% at present, this does not mean 10% of people die from the virus. The figures provided by statisticians are just a snapshot of the situation. We do not know how many people actually have the virus but have not yet been tested. Rather be safe than sorry and wear your mask. This will not only help protect you and your family, but will also help prevent you from spreading the virus to others.

FOR those of you who wish to stretch those muscles and improve your core, Classic Pilates is based at the Port Alfred Kinetic Health Centre and, as from October 1, is open from Mondays to Fridays.

CONGRATULATIONS and happy birthday greetings to everyone enjoying a special day, especially Hennie Marais, Eric Garner, Lynette Shelton, Jocelyn Kirkup, Elmien Kew, Monique Hunke, Hallé Hilpert, Wally Hill, Hennie de Bruin, Eve Wallace, James Mpolongwana, Joy de Bruin, Sarah-Jane Taljaard, Felix Shepherd, Charles Watson, Doreen van Damme, Ola van Niekerk, Isobel Taute, Riley Hilpert, Kristin Bunge, Carla Gailey, Lucinda de Vos, Chris Johnston, Rosita Winter, Ben Kember, Dorothy Bowen, René Denis, Benji Jurgensen, Joani Stötter, Dax Wilmot, Nicole Flanagan, Chantell Saunders, Nadia Harris, Pat Soine, Pieter Bezuidenhout, Samantha Costa, Jan Simpson and Denis Stirk.

BEST wishes and congratulations to all the businesses having an anniversary and here’s wishing you all continued success, especially to Remax Kowie, Thospark, Sparrow Pools, Paws and Claws.

WELL, the good news is that there was a significant reduction in fuel prices on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, this is overshadowed by the unacceptably high unemployment rate which now stands anywhere between 42% and 50%, with youth unemployment at the higher end of the scale. Though the rand seemed to be doing better last week, this week has seen it dropping once more against major international currencies. With the world in crisis due to fears of a second wave of coronavirus infections, President Donald Trump and many of his closest advisers having contracted the virus, and the US elections next month, there is little room for SA to manouvre. The arrests of several high profile politicians have also shaken the markets and SA is desperately seeking investment to pull the country out of its dire fiscal difficulties. With last year’s figures in brackets for comparison, the Rand was trading at R16.66 to the Dollar (R15.12), R21.47 to the Pound (R18.54) and R19.59 to the Euro (R16.58). Commodities were trading ith Gold at $1,888.14 per fine ounce ($1,491.21), Platinum at $880.32 per ounce ($882.60) and Brent Crude Oil at $42.20 per barrel ($58.81).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. Sterkte Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Jenny Groenewald, Jan Haig, Bev Young, Fred Golombick and Graeme Sunny Hill.

SINCERE condolences to the family and friends on the sudden passing of Thinus van Jaarsveld on Saturday October 3. May cherished memories of good times spent together carry you through this sad time.

MAY continuing happiness be with the following couples as they celebrate their wedding anniversaries, and with good wishes for many more. Congratulations to Warwick and Leonie Beetge, Hans and Jo-Anne Fourie, Jim and Pauline Reynolds, Dave and Delene Hawkins, Luke and Cindy Charter, Rob and Dianna Owsley, Wayne and Lizelle Rielly, Brenda and Russell Shelton, Owen and Colleen Moore, Ronald and Junette Smith, Dylan and Tania Murray, Wade and Lauren Labuschagne, Robert and Jenne Boyce and Mauritz and Ria van der Merwe.

THOUGHT for the week: “Time is that fleeting moment when the future passes into the past. So use every moment; grab it, embrace it and make it into your own memories.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team


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