Woman motorist, security guard killed in CIT heist, 3 more wounded

A woman died when she was caught in the crossfire as a CIT heist took place on Tuesday morning. File photo.
Image: 123rf/ Igor Stevanovic

A gang of as many as 18 robbers using six vehicles attacked a Fidelity van on the West Rand on Tuesday, killing a motorist in the area and a security guard.

Fidelity Cash Solutions confirmed the cash-in-transit heist, saying its guards had been en route to service an ATM in Bekkersdal when they came under attack at about 9.22am by heavily armed suspects.

The van was brought to a standstill when it was rammed by a red BMW.

“Heavily armed suspects opened fire on the Fidelity Cash Solutions bakkie following the van before placing explosives on the truck to access the cash,” said Wahl Bartmann, Fidelity Services Group CEO.

The driver of the escort vehicle attempted to reverse away from the scene but was not successful and was fatally wounded.

Another Fidelity officer was wounded when the explosives were detonated on the van.

An unknown female was caught in the crossfire and fatally wounded together with two traffic officers who sustained severe injuries.

“This level of violence is completely unacceptable. It is believed there were as many as 18 perpetrators and six vehicles used during this robbery. Our teams did not have a chance,” said Bartmann.

The suspects made off with cash and one firearm was taken.

Bartmann said he “is deeply saddened by the senseless loss of life”.

He appealed to the authorities to help the industry by stepping up operations to counter CIT heists.



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