Man taken into custody after explosive set off at Gonubie home

Police escort take a man into custody in connection to an explosive device being set on at a property in Gonubie.

Bizarre scenes unfolded in Gonubie, East London on Tuesday afternoon when a suspect allegedly threw a small explosive device into a homeowner’s property in 16th Avenue.

The homeowner told the DispatchLIVE that the device, which he declined to identify, “exploded” in his yard, damaging part of his garage and his car.

Members of the public panicked after rumours spread on social media that the house had been petrol bombed.

The suspect was traced to another home in 13th Avenue Gonubie.

The Dispatch team witnessed a stand-off in which the suspect holed up inside the home as police called to the scene tried to negotiate with him.

The man demanded that he would only be taken into custody by black police officers.

Eventually the man was brought out the home and taken into custody.

By Bhongo Jacob

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