Ndlambe Municipality Covid-19 JOC – 29 December 2020


Ndlambe Municipality
Unpacking Adjusted Alert Level 3 Regulations applicable from 29 December 2020 – 15 January 2021 for Ndlambe area.
Regulations have been summarised below for ease of reference. Full regulations can be obtained from Government Gazette 44044 dated 29 December 2020.
1. Movement of persons:
– Curfew of 21h00 – 6h00 daily is applicable
– Closing time for cinemas, casinos, gyms and restaurant is 20h00
2. Mandatory protocols when in a public place:
– The wearing of a facemask is mandatory when in a public place
– Every place of business shall provide for social distancing
– Every business must provide hand sanitisers for use by the public and employees
– For businesses, a compliance officer must be assigned, and should ensure compliance
  with all protocols is adhered to
3. Funeral attendance:
– Limited to 50 people, observing social distancing
– Night vigils are not allowed and after funeral gatherings are not allowed
– Funerals are restricted to 2 hours in total
– Face masks must be worn
– No catering is allowed at funerals
4. Gatherings:
– The owner of any indoor or outdoor facility must display certificates of occupancy
– All gatherings, including faith based gatherings are prohibited for two weeks
– Game parks remain open
– Public parks are closed
– Gatherings at Gyms is permitted subject to a maximum of 50 people
– Hotels, lodges, B+Bs, resorts and guesthouses are allowed full capacity of available rooms for accommodation, however dining and entertainment facilities are subject to a limitation of a maximum of 50 persons or less for indoor venues or 100 persons or less outdoors, observing a distance of at least 1 and a half metres between people. If the venue cannot accommodate this number, then 50% of the capacity of the venue applies.
– All businesses are subject to a limitation of 50% of floor space for persons, allowing for health protocols
– Sporting activities are allowed subject to adherence to protocols and times of operation.
5. Beaches / Rivers / Boating / Fishing:
– All beaches, dams, lakes, estuaries, lagoons and rivers, inclusive of all recreational facilities at these places are closed to the public.
– Fishing is permitted on beaches or from a riverbank if the fisherman is in possession of the relevant permit
– Boating and other recreational activities on rivers, lagoons or estuaries is not permitted.
– Skippers license testing is allowed
6. Places closed to the public:
Places closed to the public includes night clubs, public swimming pools, bars, taverns, shebeens and public parks.
7. Initiation practices:
All initiation practices are prohibited, except where initiates already in initiation school, will be allowed to complete their initiation.
8. Travelling / borders:
– Travelling to and from RSA is allowed subject to traveller providing a valid negative test obtained not more than 72 hours before date of travel
– International travel is restricted to OR Tambo, King Shaka or Cape Town International
9. Sale and dispensing of liquor:
– Off site and on site consumption of liquor is prohibited
– Consumption of liquor in public areas is prohibited
– Tasting and selling of liquor to the public is prohibited
– Transportation of liquor is prohibited

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