SASSA Social Grant Payments for the month of January 2021 – updated

SASSA has recently released a payment schedule for the month of January, and are as follows:

  • Older Person’s Grants will be paid from 4 January 2021 ( Including all other grants that are linked to older person’s grants)
  • Disability Grants will be paid from 5 January 2021 including any grant linked to these accounts
  • All other grants will be paid from 6 January 2021


SASSA Social Grant Payment dates for the month of February 2021

SA’s latest Covid-19 statistics as of 18 January


  1. When will there be a grant increase we get a top up, we can not live with this grant, food is so expensive, goverment must consider the widows and old age, giving the unemployed R350 pm to support thier drug habits, its not fair on the mothers,

  2. SASSA mentions on this page not to worry about your money-it is safe. This is not true since my son,s money was stolen after a person at Postbank changed the pin and he/she or a friend withdrew all his money. They apparently opened a case of fraud and to date [after about 2 months], we did not hear from them again

  3. Good morning wanted to know is the R350 covid money going to be paid on the 6th and will it still be paid in the bank account thx

  4. I stay in Boksburg North and still here are people walking without masks, up and down the streets, and there is no control or people in the streets monitor people here. How can the spreading stop if some people do not attend to the ruling of eearing madks outside on the streets. This confuse me. Where are the people who suppose to control the streets here and in Boksburg itself?

  5. Good day, the grant for children should be increased as caregivers( parent/guardian looking after the children are still unemployed & especially with opening of school for their food & is a Battle

  6. We are unemployed, single mom’ is so difficult to find a job with this Virus. It is a daily battle for food, medication & their other basic needs. Our children are the future and I’m sure many others will agree with me

  7. What to do if disability grant was not paid on 5 Jan21
    The sassa offices in pretiria cbd is not covid complaint and do not give application forms
    My iwn Dr will complete the forms if I could get some

  8. how can you go for reapply if the second wave is taking at lot of people to thier grave and we need to be careful but we stil needto go to sassa office to apply for temp disability grants

  9. I haven’t receive my disability grand and many other people also haven’t received as there are others that have…When can we expect payment???????

  10. My mom is receiving the grant for being sick so she was suppose to receive it yesterday but there was no money until today there is no money so I want to know what could be the problem

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