The steps from Stocks Ave to Southwell Road

NOWHERE TO STEP UP: The step leading from the Kowie Flats to Southwell Road have become an unofficial overgrown rubbish dump Picture: ROB KNOWLES

It is an ongoing issue, the steps from the Kowie Flats to Southwell Road are littered with plastic, paper, wasted food and other types of household rubbish and, every week, it gets worse.

The steps are used by many people every day as a shortcut to avoid town but, as it is overgrown (mainly with invasive species such as lantana) it is a great place for criminals to hide and dump their unwanted loot. This is typified by the amount of broken electronic items often dumped there, or the empty suiters and many other items people would not normally throw away.

The people living close to the steps are concerned for their security as the area is secluded and there are no lights after sunset; a perfect place for criminals to conduct their nefarious activities.

This area needs to be cleared of the debris and alien plants and should form part of the municipality’s maintenance plan. This is open public land and the responsibility of the municipality to maintain.

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