SAB calls on the industry to trade responsibly

LIFTED: Although the ban on the sale of alcohol has been lifted, there are still restrictions in place.

South African Breweries (SAB) has taken note of the videos circulating on social media highlighting the disregard of level 3 regulations as outlined by government.  Ahead of the weekend, SAB calls on tavern owners, restaurants, liquor outlets and bars to follow the strict Covid-19 protocols and adhere to Level 3 regulations, in order to protect lives and support the 1.1 million livelihoods that depend on a healthy and functioning alcohol industry.

The warnings are clear and unambiguous – such as compliance with the new operating hours for taverns, bars and restaurants as well as restrictions on retail outlet trading times.

“Our SAB sales force along with industry partners will also be conducting regular checks to ensure on-premise consumption follows strict COVID-19 protocols,” wrote Kgosi Mogotsi, Senior Corporate affairs manager at SAB. “Meanwhile, tavern owners have committed to an industry charter that pledges not to serve alcohol to people who have already had too much to drink, to promote no drinking and driving/walking messaging, and to follow strict Covid-19 safety regulations.”

Mogotsi called on the industry at large to trade responsibly,

“Let us be responsible, together. Be brave and act against behaviour from traders, patrons, bars and restaurants that contravene the current level 3 regulations by reporting incidents of criminality linked to the sale and consumption on 0800 014 856.

“The lives and livelihoods of your fellow South Africans depend on it,” said Mogotsi.

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