Herotel respond to reader’s concerns

Following receipt of a letter from a reader, Neil Human, regarding the roll-out of fibre cables for fast internet access, TotT contacted Herotel, the company responsible for installing the fibre network around town, to answer some of the points Human made.

“Did anyone ask the residents of Port Alfred if they wanted trenches, poles or Hero Fibre?  Under whose authority is the orange army turning our little town into their own private construction site?  When did the municipality call for public participation or comment in making this decision on our behalf?” Human asked.

In response Herotel explained that in every suburb there is an allocated space between homes, typically at the back of a property, that is reserved for critical services such as sewage, power and telecommunications. This space is always reserved on the property deeds and no municipal approval is required to build there. To build the fibre network at the back of properties Herotel needs the agreement of the homeowner of the property for reasonable access. Once agreed Herotel then deploys its fibre network on poles between properties.

See the full story in This week’s Talk of the Town.

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