Ndlambe Council notes

Ndlambe Municipality

The latest meeting of the Ndlambe council took place virtually on MS Teams on Tuesday March 30.

Unable to tune in, TotT asked for a summary from one of the councillors, Khanyisa Deweti, who sent a summation of the proceedings.

Most readers will be interested in the following provisions that were approved on the 2021/2022 budget.

The annual monthly tariff increase be:

  • 5.5% for rates,
  • 5.2% on electricity (subject to change by NERSA guideline),
  • 5.5% on refuse,
  • 5.5% on sewerage,
  • 5.5% on sanitation,
  • 5.5% on water tariff and 5.5% on all other annual and monthly charges.

Given the current economic climate and the obvious problems that exist with water and sewage in the town, along with the additional stress of the Covid-19 pandemic and the distinct possibility of electricity loadshedding, the questions as to whether these increases are justifiable or affordable is for the community to decide.

To see all the main points of the council meeting, please read this week’s copy of Talk of the Town.

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