New house in Riversbend under spotlight after neighbour complains

THE ENGELBRECHT HOUSE: Currently under construction at Riversbend, House Engelbrecht is causing consternation with its next-door neighbours who are worried about excavation and subsidence on their property as well as alleged contravention of the conditions of the EIA and disregarding building regulations

A perennial problem at the municipality appears to be ensuring property owners conform to building regulations.

The most notorious example was the late tax guru Matthew Lester’s house in Kenton-on-Sea, which resulted in a drawn-out legal battle, first between neighbour James Haslam and Ndlambe Municipality for approving Lester’s plans, and then between the municipality and Lester, till the municipality finally obtained a demolition order.

Now, it is a home under construction at Riversbend that is causing concern and consternation among the neighbours, specifically the De Clercqs who own a property adjacent to the new dwelling. This dispute has been ongoing for a couple of years and both parties have been at odds with each other.

Both the homeowners, the Englebrechts, and neighbours, the De Clercqs, have independently contacted external parties including the municipality, the department of economic development and environmental affairs, the architects and builders, along with others, to resolve their dispute. The quarrel appears to have muddied the waters between both parties.

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