Neighbourly Notes – 29 July 2021

LIONS SHARE: Having learnt that the folks at Damant Lodge were appealing for water donations after having installed eight 1,000 litre tanks, the Port Alfred Lions Club decided to assist by delivering 12,000 litres of pure tested dune water at Damant Lodge on Tuesday morning. The Lions are pictured with Damant Lodge manager Margaret Barnard, board members and other volunteers. ‘We would like to challenge other service organisations to do the same or similar,’ said Lion Mike Newlands. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

AFTER 429 days, after Sunday’s announcement by the President and having crested the peak of the third-wave of the virus, we are now on adjusted Level 3 of the national lockdown. The curfew has been eased and now runs from 10pm to 4am daily, meaning restaurants may stay open until 9pm. Bars, pubs, taverns and shabeens are open as per normal licensing hours except they must stop serving alcohol at 8pm. Bottle stores can operate from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Thursday. Non-essential services such as gyms, health spas etc can operate subject to conditions. Gatherings are dissuaded but limited to 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors or 50% of the capacity, whichever is fewer. Interprovincial travel is allowed once more.

WERE you inspired by President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech on Sunday evening? It seems that people are suddenly aware that the ANC and the government are not the same thing after all. While Ramaphosa did say the right things about offering no quarter to those involved in the looting and rioting, it was clear that the ANC hierarchy would be protected. Where were the ANC when the warning signs of a problem occurring in KZN if Zuma was arrested were evident to everyone? The lack of forward planning by government, and led by the ANC, should also be viewed as criminal and those responsible should be exposed and made to step aside.

THERE are so many problems the municipality is currently facing due to its reluctance to utilise the many skills available locally. As a popular place to retire for the more fortunate, we have some of the country’s best retired engineers, business people, teachers, accountants, project managers and many more skills and a wealth of experience. Perhaps among these retirees are some who would lend their skills to fix some of our problems with water, sewerage and waste management, if only the municipality was willing. It was tried before remember, when the Ndlambe Action Group tried to help the municipality. Ratepayers have a right to know exactly what is happening and to make critical but constructive comments. If a municipal official is not performing they must be replaced by someone who can do the job. Instead we continue to pay the salaries ofthose who cannot do their jobs and the problems persist.

HAS anyone been following the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? After being postponed in 2020 the XXXII Olympiad began on July 23 and will end on August 8. By this time we are almost hallway through and South Africa has two silver medals – Tatjana Schoenmaker won her silver medal in the women’s100m breaststroke during the swimming event on Day 4 and Bianca Buitendag continued her fine form to reach the final of the women’s surfing on the same day, guaranteeing at least a silver. But the lustre of the Games has gone, probably due to the pandemic and it implications, and many people are simply not as interested in the Olympics as they were in the past.

FANCY doing something different this weekend? Why not pay a visit to the Medolino Park Farmers Market on Saturday and see what is on offer. New owners of Medolino, Susan and Johnny, would be glad to make your acquaintance and show you some of the plans they have to turn the park into an active community hub.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone celebrating a birthday in the week ahead and may you all be blessed with lots of good things in the future, especially Mattie Wood, Ann Hulley, Neville Henley, Athol Canny, Kittie Joubert, Sue Broom, Elaine Brown, Doreen Dold, Maureen Thierson, Alex van der Merwe, Richard Legg, Mitch Haupt, Leonard Smit, Greg Reed, Juan Bessinger, Glen Henning, Eileen Denis, Peter Thorp, Melinda Frankenfeld, Kerynn Dahl, Ben Timm, Simon du Plessis, Megan Wright, Ivor Phillips, Maureen Truscott, Louise Swanepoel, Andre Laas, Marin Johnson, Lyneth Gradwell, Tracy Lloyd, Anthony Skipper, Kye Macgregor, Stina Baker, Jacobus Grove, Taryn Lee, Petro Pretorius, Patrick Atkinson, Linda Edwards, Thandukolo Vaaltein, Tanya Adams and Magda Mugge.

BUSINESS anniversary congratulations and continued success for many years to come to Kekkel and Kraai, and L&W Couriers is celebrating its 11- year anniversary.

RATINGS agency, Standard and Poor, kept the outlook as stable during the recent unrest which was good news for the economy. According to S&P’s recent report (not a rating revue) that is did not see the latest unrest having a direct impact on the viability of the country. Nevertheless, Fitch, Moody’s and S&P have us several steps below investment level. Saudi Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman has vowed to control oil production and to “drain every last molecule” of oil from his oilfields in order to retain control for as long as possible. This will make oil prices a very interesting topic of the next months. With 2020’s figures in brackets to compare against, the rand was trading at R14.88 to the Dollar (R16.53), R20.52 to the Pound (R21.29) and R17.55 to the Euro (R19.40). Gold was trading at $1,798.369 ($1,925.51) per fine ounce, platinum was $1,062.00 ($937.85) and Brent Crude Oil at $74.93 per barrel ($43.48).

OUR sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Malcolm Evans who passed away peacefully Sunday July 25 at Damant Lodge. We especially keep his wife Shirley and three children Stewart, Linda and Colleen and their families in our thoughts.

CONDOLENCES also to the family and friends of Olive Pike who passed away on Saturday July 24. May memories of good times spent together carry her loved ones through this sad time.

WE also think of the family and friends of Donald Johnston after his passing. We especially keep in our thoughts his wife, Margaret, their two sons Michael and Shane and their families

WEDDING anniversary greetings and best wishes for many more years to enjoy together to all couples having such an occasion, especially Bev and Bess Radue.

THOUGHT for the week: “How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?”

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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