Crime Briefs

From August 24 to August 30

The Multi Security control room received a call from a client in Francolin Road, at 9.55am on Tuesday August 24 when an intruder was seen on site. The premises was checked and found to be locked and secure. A person walking in the street was asked to leave the area.

At 10.10am that day the Multi Security control room received a call from client in Becker Street requesting response as someone was sleeping on the porch and the client was unsure if the man was alive or dead. A response officer met up with the client on-site, and discovered the trespasser was a homeless man, but they managed to remove him and he left the premises.

Later on Tuesday, at 3.46pm the Multi Security control room received a message from a CBD business reporting a man who walked into the shop and tried to buy items with a fake R100 note.  The man ran towards Standard Bank in Main Street.  The response officer patrolled the CBD area but found no sign of the man.

On Southwell Road at 5.26pm both the SAPS and Multi Security were called for backup on-site, as a person had been stabbed, and the suspect was on site.

At 6.47pm A Multi Security officer reported that there were people making a fire at the soccer field. Fire Control and the SAPS were contacted at 6.49pm and the fire was extinguished.

At 5.41am on Wednesday August 25 the Multi Security control room received an alarm from Masonic Street and a break in was confirmed.  The Multi Security control room informed the owner and the local SAPS.

On Biscay Road at 4.53pm a client phoned in and requested armed response as they had caught someone shoplifting. The SAPS also attended.  It was reported that all was under control and no case was opened.

On Beach Crescent at 9.13pm a client reported on WhatsApp that there had just been a beggar at their premises but he had left. It was reported that the man was wearing black pants. A response officer patrolled the area and reported no suspicious person.

At 1.44pm the Multi Security control room was alerted to someone standing close to the fence at a property in Pike Lane. The response officer dispatched reported it was the gardener working at the premises.

On Monday August 30 on Mentone Road at 10.08pm the Multi Security Control room received an alert of a male walking towards Mentone Road. The response officer dispatched reported no one suspicious in the area.

Also on Monday at 4.43pm the Multi Security Control Room received an alarm signal from the Old Nature Reserve and the response officer reported there was an open door on site. The premises was checked but nothing appeared to be missing. A guard was placed on site as per the client’s request.

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