Neighbourly Notes – 19 August 2021

LONG WAY FOR LUNCH: Lana and Andrew Dickason, who hail from Komani (Queenstown), enjoy lunch recently at Graze by the River. They say its not such a long way for a great lunch. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

TODAY marks 450 days since the lockdown was imposed, with level 3 restrictions in place at present. Watching the news and talking to people, many are highly skeptical about getting the Covid vaccine, no matter the pharmaceutical company that produced it. There are many reasons given for their skepticism, from religious reasons to fear of side-effects and questioning the need for a vaccine for an illness with a high recovery rate. Governments and health authorities around the world are urging people to get vaccinated, but everyone is and must remain free to make their own decisions regarding vaccination. The lack of trust in authority is hardly surprising given the machinations of governments regarding international politics, climate change, pollution, the media and more. Conspiracy theories abound and the truth is difficult to establish. In the past, corporations have paid scientists to interpret the facts to their advantage. The mistrust in authority extends to the large corporations (including Big Pharma) that sponsor them. This division in society represents diametrically opposing viewpoints and threatens a schism that may take a long time to heal. What is required are impartial and non-partisan spokespeople for the public who can cut through the nonsense and provide actual facts.

ON to matters more specific and the first item on this week’s agenda is the fundraising event for the Kowie Vixens Women Rugby Team, a golf day at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club on September 3. The women rugby players of the area need support so, should you wish to participate in the fundraising event and support our ladies, then contact the RPAGC or Mercedes Biller (Kowie Vixens Marketing Manager – Mercedes Biller for more information.

THE water situation in the area has become intolerable. At a time when there is a pandemic and people need to sanitise, the lack of water is not only unconstitutional but could also be a contributing factor in viral infections. Worse is when we hear on national news about protests in Johannesburg and elsewhere where they have been without water for a day or two and have threatened to take their municipalities to the ConCourt due to contravention of the constitution. What would they do if they had experienced the lack of water we have experienced, where taps are dry for months at a time? Worse still is that hundreds of millions of rands have been spent to alleviate the problem over the past ten years and the result is that we have less water now than ever. This is a crisis and needs to be independently assessed to resolve the problem and bring to book those who have wasted our money, our time and have put our health at risk.

AT one time (seems like a lifetime ago), before the Covid-19 pandemic prevented social events and meetings from happening, we ran a diary in the paper reporting on the various social activities taking place. However, since the early part of 2020, there have been few events to publish and so the diary was cancelled. However, we are now seeing some social events taking place, albeit within the limits of the regulations, and it could be time to reintroduce it. So, if you have a social event (not advertising, that’s a different department) then write to us at the above email address and we’ll see if there is enough interest to restart the diary. Also remember the diary is copied onto our website, our Facebook page and group, as well as Twitter.

ON a final note, the MS Teams virtual council meeting on Wednesday was a circus, with councillors attending late, some unaware of how to use the technology (after 18 months of virtual meetings like this) and some disrespecting the decorum of the council meeting. It is perfectly possible to hold a socially-distanced meeting in person. The first half-an-hour of the meeting was spent taking a register of attendees and the next half-an-hour of councillors and officials arguing, apologising and even playing music in the background. There is no reason to do this except to confuse and prolong the meeting unnecessarily.

CONGRATULATIONS and happy birthday greetings to everyone enjoying a special day in the week ahead, especially Mary-Anne Goddard, Beryl van Wyk, Jurie Swart, Thanduxolo Jika, Gary Human, Tracy Hancock, Sue Sülter, Connor Thorp, Karen Kew, Sipho Tandani, Kim Radloff, Henry Pringle, Sharon Khan, Chandra Knowles, Eunice van Rooyen, Amanda Pretorius, Sid Penny, Connor Holforty, Jacqueline Harris, Len Bohnen, Olivia Prince, Hilton Keeton, Daphne Howarth, Mary Long, Gordon Goff, Gys Waller, Stan Webber, Susan Nel, Tammy Johnson, the Scheeper’s twins – Brodwyn and Andrico, Neville Hope, Carel Marais, Jacqui Parsons, Tracey Wright, Christina Chitsiga, Lucille Lane, Alison Colville-Reeves, Ettienne Marais, Jayden Wilson, Marion Kelly, Harvey Pike, Dawn Hains and Mario Colussi.

ANNIVERSARY congratulations and continued success to all businesses or organisations celebrating an anniversary at this time of the year, especially to Falcon Crest Self-Catering Cottage and B & B in Port Alfred on their 16th anniversary, Damant Lodge (47), Standerwick Nursery, Kidd Co, Nemato Sunshine SPAR, The Grace and Truth Church AND Kenton-on-Sea Primary School.

THE rand has lost significant ground against other major currencies mainly as a result of the perceived instability within the country. Brent crude is close to breaking the $70 per barrel mark and this will have an immediate and damaging effect on the country. With 2020’s figures in brackets for comparison, Gold was trading at $1,787.97 per ounce ($2,009.26), platinum at $985.00 per ounce ($960.31) and Brent crude oil at $69.35 per barrel ($44.80). The Rand was trading at R14.90 to the Dollar (R17.41), R20.50 to the Pound (R22.93) and R17.48 to the Euro (R20.74).

WEDDING anniversary congratulations to all couples enjoying this wonderful occasion, especially Rudi and Ava Beukes, and Rob and Lydia Gimbel.

THOUGHT for the week: “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

BEST regards,
The Team

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