Neighbourly Notes – 14 October 2021

ARRAY OF TREATS: Friends Candy Fryer, left, and Carol van Blommestein with some of their Candy’licious products for sale at the Medolino Farmers Market last Saturday. Picture: JON HOUZET

DAY 567 of the national lockdown and it’s official, according to health minister Joe Phaahla, SA has passed the third wave of the virus. Most restrictions have been relaxed and life is beginning to get back to normal. Yet, like it or not, the world has changed. Many people have discovered they can work just as efficiently from home as from the office. Video conferencing has become more common, but for it to become more mainstream it needs a serious overhaul. Meetings can take an hour of more just to get started. From an entertainment point of view, the internet streaming services industry has seen huge numbers of new subscribers. Will cinemas and theatres suffer? What will entertainment look like in the future? What about tourists; will they want to travel as much as they did pre-pandemic and, will the tourism sector change to suit? Many are growing tired of the mask-wearing and having their hands constantly sanitised as they enter shops, though for others it has become second nature. The curfew is now from mi night to 4am daily, though why this is still in place is a mystery. There are so many reports of people walking to their homes during those hours and the authorities seem unconcerned.

BUDDING artists of every genre are being invited to attend the Port Alfred’s Got Talent auditions, scheduled for November 27 at the Medolino Caravan Park. The competition is open to everyone who resides in the Talk of the Town distribution area, from Fish River to Alexandria, and inland to include Makhanda (Grahamstown). Do you sing solo, or in a band or a choir? Do you play a musical instrument or are you part of an orchestra? Do you dance solo or in a group? Are you a burgeoning magician, a stand-up comedian, or have a special talent? There are no categories or age differentiation, meaning those who inspire the most votes from the judges will be declared the winners. So, show of your talent at Medolino and stand a chance of being a finalist in the Port Alfred’s Got Talent show, scheduled from early next year. Incidentally, on November 27 there will also be another farmers market at Medolino, so there’s even more reason to attend.

GET on your bike. A new business has opened in Port Alfred at 88 Albany Road, called Hero Motorcycles, selling quality Indian motorcycles that provide similar features to other bikes but at a lower price. As Hero owner Brian Fitzhenry said, after having lived in other parts of Africa, motorcycles are the most common form of transport. Good luck in your new enterprise.

THIS weekend and up to Tuesday, many people in the area have suffered not only because of lack of water but also the relentless loadshedding. While inconvenient for most, sitting in the dark on Tuesday evening for the elderly or infirm must have been very difficult. Perhaps, with local election just around the corner, this wasn’t the best time for Eskom to experience problems. Mind you, the municipality is doing its bit. Verges are being cleaned and potholes filled and, hopefully, the clean-up and repairs will last at least until the votes are counted on November 2.

CONGRATULATIONS and happy birthday greetings to everyone having a special day in the week ahead. We wish you all a wonderful day and a super carefree year ahead, especially to Johan Potgieter, Arno Strohm, Arabella Sponneck, Tamara Yete, Eve Wallace, Jenivie Grune, Joan Purdon, Kim Wilson, Doreen McCarthy, Terrence McCarthy, Brendan Walker, Sarah Ford, Neil de Villiers, Rodney Gradwell, Alfred Scheepers, Arthur Manning, Andrew Warren, Shaun Elms, David Drennan, Mick Tuck, Dean Samuel, Michael Dewsnap, Gerald Spilkin, Louise Butler, June Wheelwright, Nadia Harris, Pat Soine, Jeanette Msipa, Helen Cowie, Lorraine Samuel, Clinton “Stoffel” Schultz, Claire Purdon, Arlene Young, Rory Gailey, Wendy Vivier, Erica McNulty and Jenny Potter.

BEST wishes and continued success to businesses celebrating an anniversary soon. Pig ‘n Whistle, The Crazy Store, The Hospice Shop, Guido’s Port Alfred.

AS mentioned above, SA’s inconsistent electrical supply is causing huge financial losses to both businesses and citizens. In an attempt to restore normal electrical supply, the government placed an order for powerships, essentially floating electrical power generators. However, the tender, awarded to Karpowership, is now being contested by a losing bidder, DNG, on the grounds of corrupt tender practices. That problem should sound familiar among residents of the area who are aware of the political machinations involved in the various RO tenders issued by the municipality. One wonders how much of our money is wasted in litigation and reissuing of tenders. The price of Brent Crude has also burst through the $80 per barrel mark and will see sharp increases in the cost of fuel and transport in the short-term. With last year’s financial figures in brackets to compare against this year’s trading figures, at the time of going to press the Rand was trading at R14.87 to the Dollar (R16.53), R20.27 to the Pound (R21.41) and R17.19 to the Euro (R19.40). Gold is trading at $1,767.84 per fine ounce ($1,899.47), platinum at $1,010.34 per ounce ($874.00) Brent Crude Oil at $83.21 per barrel ($42.20).

IT was a shock to hear of the passing of one of the area’s stalwart crime fighters, Dudley Waters. Talk of the Town wishes strength for the family and friends of Dudley during this time of grief. MAY happiness and contentment continue to be in your lives for many more great years ahead to all couples celebrating another wedding anniversary. Good wishes and congratulations, especially to Colin and Joan Purdon.

THOUGHT for the week: “It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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