Community stakeholders unite against GBV

Men for Change invited all community stakeholders such as churches, political parties and residents in general to join together in prayer against gender based violence (GBV) at the Ingubo centre in Ndlovini on Sunday afternoon.

CANDLES OF HOPE: Men for Change invited all community stakeholders, different denominations, political parties and residents at large to join hands in prayer against gender based violence (GBV) at the Ingubo centre on Sunday afternoon. Attendees wore all black in memory of those who been killed through GBV Picture: TK MTIKI

Attendees wore all black in memory of those who lost their lives to GBV. Among those attending were municipal infrastructure director Noluthando Vithi, ANC councillor Andile Marasi and EFF councillor Xolisa Runeli who left in the middle of proceedings.

Prophet Moshosho Moshosho led the prayer, which saw all attendees holding a burning candle which he defined as a sign of hope from old times. He further encouraged pastors to have time to listen to their church members when they encounter domestic violence.

“Time has come where we need to listen to people without asking them questions. Sometimes we preach a lot to people who do not want preaching who just want to be heard. When a mother comes in crying let us give them time to talk and don’t be fast to bring your theology,” Moshosho said.

“There is one woman who died in my hands. I was part of her death, her husband was chasing her with a gun. Instead of using other means to solve her problem I said I will fast for your situation.

“Unfortunately when I came back from fasting – in fact I did not even start the fasting – on my way to fasting I was phoned to come and bury the very same woman. Sometimes we say to them go back to the same situation. The situations of this time need wisdom,” he said

He went on to reveal that he recently told another couple to separate because they were endangering each other if they continued to live together.

“Separation is not divorce, it is to give time and space to people who might endanger themselves. I put principles and said to them if you want to save your marriage you will call me or another man of God to renew your vows,” he said.

He went on to say: “The question is, as a man don’t you have a hand-brake and that hand-brake is called self-control. If I have anger issues I should attend anger classes. The problem is not a woman or a girlfriend, it is my issues.”

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