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The 7th annual Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge is almost upon us. From 8-12 November 2023, prepare to experience this thrilling water sports tournament, taking place in stunning Port Alfred – the heart of the Sunshine Coast. This event is about so much more than just sport: it forges community bonds, drives local economic and social development through growing national tourism and hospitality, and engaging in sports that enjoy global awareness. All this places Port Alfred, an undiscovered gem, on the world tourism stage.

CREST OF A WAVE: The Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge brings world-class water sport to Port Alfred. Picture: SUPPLIED

Celebrating water and beach sports

The Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge is your gateway to the world of water sports. Experience the adrenaline rush as athletes from near and far gather to compete in a range of aquatic disciplines. It’s a celebration of the beauty and thrill of these sports that captivates hearts, showcases current leading national athletes and inspires future champions.

When sport meets world-class hospitality

Philanthropist and visionary, Martin Bekker fell in love with Port Alfred when he visited the town on holiday and saw an opportunity to make a difference to this beautiful town by tapping into its tourism potential. The result was the Royal St Andrews Hotel – a world-class award-winning hospitality facility, refurbished and redeveloped, helping to build the town as sought-after South African destination.
Two years later, in 2017, Martin met the founder of BS Sports, Zweli Nkwinti, who presented the idea of what was then known as the Amanzi Festival to him and his wife, Linda. The festival would be part of the vision of growing and promoting the Eastern Cape and Port Alfred.
BS Sports needed sponsorship to help make this dream come to life.
The idea of the Amanzi Festival resonated with the Bekkers, who decided to come on board. They committed to sponsor the event to the tune of R1 million every year for five years under the Hotel name, becoming the main sponsor of the event.

The event was renamed the Royal St. Andrews Hotel Amazi Challenge. Martin sadly passed away in 2022, but the Hotel continues to sponsor the event through Linda and Martin’s son, Justin Bekker.

Inclusivity and empowerment

The Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge is committed to introducing their activities to disadvantaged communities, promoting physical well-being and uncovering hidden talents. It’s a transformative journey towards a more inclusive and healthier society as well as creating a growing tourism sector in Port Alfred to uplift the town’s population.

The Sunshine Coast experience

Visit the Sunshine Coast and immerse yourself in the picturesque coastal route, where every bend in the road reveals breathtaking vistas. Let the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge be your guide to the untamed beauty of the area with its vibrant culture. Experience Gracious Hospitality, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
The Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge is where friendships are forged, and the spirit of adventure comes alive. Join us in Port Alfred for an event like no other.

Talk of the Town is an event partner in the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge.

Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge Programme: November 8-12 2023

Wednesday 8 November
8am Surfing South Africa WSL – East Beach

Thursday 9 November
8am Surfing South Africa WSL – East Beach
6pm Annual event ceremony – Royal St Andrews Hotel

Friday 10 November
7am Surfing SA/WSL presentation – East Beach

Saturday 11 November
8am SAIRA (rubber ducks) – East Beach
8am SA Bodyboarding – West Beach

Sunday 12 November
9am SAIRA (rubber ducks) – Kowie River
12pm Awards and closing ceremony – Royal St Andrews Hotel

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