Banana stolen in lieu of funny-tasting ice

MULTISECURITY attended the scene of a theft out of a Nemato spaza shop and called for police back-up on Wednesday afternoon.

It tuned out someone had stolen a banana. The shop owner pressed the panic signal.

The thief confessed he had done so because he had bought ice from the shop and the ice had a “funny taste”. When he returned the ice to the shop and requested a refund, the owner refused, so the customer took the banana. No case was opened.

  • A burglar who broke into a home in Southdowns in the early hours of last Friday morning was surprised by one of the guests staying over and fled and dropped nearly everything that he had taken.

He got away with a Nokia cellphone as well as a red wallet containing an undisclosed amount of cash. MultiSecurity reported that the burglar gained entry by forcing the sliding doors open.

  • The owners of a residence in George Street reported a break-in at their home on Sunday morning. They noted that their electric fence alarm did not go off.

MultiSecurity reaction officers checked the fence and found that on the corner of the complex at the back of Miles Street, wires had been cut off where the suspects had gained entry. MultiSecurity reaction officers also reported that the power had been cut as well, causing no signals to go to control room.

  • Late on Sunday morning a MultiSecurity client reported a break in at his premises in Swan Lane.

He said he saw the suspect at his window at around 2.20am but did not take note as he thought he was dreaming. When the client woke up in the morning he found that his laptop and cellphone had been stolen. The client reported that he saw the suspect leaning through the open window while he was still half asleep.

  • On Tuesday morning, MultiSecurity control room received an alarm signal from premises in Pascoe Crescent. MultiSecurity reaction officers responded and reported a break-in whereby the windows by the front point to point beams were broken and opened.

The premises were checked but nothing was reported to have been stolen.

  • There was an attempted break-in at a residence in Milkwood Avenue last Friday, when would-be burglars removed a small window pane near the lounge.

But an alarm went off and MultiSecurity responded. MultiSecurity reaction officers reported that nothing was taken and it appeared that the burglars never gained entry to the premises.

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