PAHS a hive of activity

SUPPORTING SEA RESCUE: The Port Alfred High School Pre-Primary section recently spelt out ‘NSRI’ in a coin collection and then donated more than R600 to the local NSRI station who also provided an edu-taining presentation on sea safety to the little ones

REHEARSALS for Port Alfred High School’s forthcoming musical, Fame, took place throughout the week.

The target set by the SA National Blood Service of 24 pints of blood was exceeded at the Big Bleed held in the school hall when 16 new donors signed up.

The “littlies” in the pre-primary classes enjoyed an educational visit from members of the local NSRI station when the planned outing to Kiddies Beach was cancelled due to rain.  Station commander Juan Pretorius gratefully received a donation of R600 collected by the pre-primary children.

Headmaster Clive Pearson remarked at assembly on Monday that a brilliant vibe and energy is evident throughout the school and commended the staff and pupils on it; encouraging one and all to keep it up.

Pearson reminded everyone on the importance of good manners and that every pupil is an ambassador for the school. “Let’s always remember to present Port Alfred High with pride,” he said.

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