Sad acceptance of damning AG report

SADDENED to see the bland acceptance of the AG’s report on how the inept drones, who stroll through the corridors of municipal power, handled their responsibilities to the electorate for another year.

People from the real world, after receiving such a damning report for the umpteenth time (as you so rightly say), would by now have a slight suspicion that they were not “fit for purpose”, and that they should, possibly, seek employment more commensurate with their “talents”. This would serve to reconnect them to we, the hoi polloi, who actually contribute to the fiscus (alien concept though this may seem).

Ah well, maybe next year. Although I suspect that while their role models occupy the opposite end of the spectrum to that of, for example, Thuli, Pravin, Sipho and Helen, the pursuit of excellence will be, sadly, another non-event.


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