Second round of Night Bowls

ON the second round of Night Bowls at the Kowie Bowling Club, participants were blessed with fantastic summer weather again and supporters turned out to cheer their teams on to greater heights.

Some teams were in top form and in the B Section there were three teams that score a full house of 6 points. But it was not enough because in the A section there was another full house of 6 points and that went to a distinctively dressed team in the black T-shirts with name across their backs. Distinctive Kitchens were the Performers of the Night with their 6 points and 16 shot profit against Kenny’s Quarts. So in rounds 1 and 2 the performers have both come from section A.

With all the games over, all settled into the clubhouse and the Swindle Board draw was performed. Number 48 came out and Cecelia of Country Meat Market was no hand to collect her prize. Thereafter the “Roll Over competition” was done with the score on four selected ends. No one had the score so it rolls over to the next round and now grows to R180.

Night Bowls convener Mike Tomlinson appealed to participants to look after their bowling equipment after the game.

“Some of them might be borrowed from the club,” he said. “On Friday night two bags of bowls were brought into the club. We will do our best but we just cannot look after everyone’s belongings.”

The third round took place last night and then round 4 follows shortly thereafter on Wednesday March 1.

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