UPDATE: SAPS says no charge for attempted kidnapping

REPORTS had been circulating that two well-dressed men in a silver Toyota Corolla are driving around attempting to kidnap children in Port Alfred yesterday.

According to the reports, three incidents have already taken place yesterday with the last incident at Croydon Place. SAPS has confirmed they are aware of the issue but that there is no charge on the docket and no case opened for attempted kidnapping.

Chris Kane Kriedemann, the father of a 7month old baby who lives at Croydon Place described the incident that took place at his residence.

“We are still in the process of finding out more information about the incident. I can tell you that my fiancée received a ‘please call me’ from our domestic worker at around midday today [yesterday]. When Sonja called her, she franticly told her that two men had come into our flat and had attempted to take our daughter. My fiancée arrived on the scene to find our domestic in a state of shock. Our domestic explained how she confronted two men who came into our flat, and on several occasions asked her to give them our daughter and go into the back room, she refused and managed to make her way out of the flat with our daughter and attracted the attention of a resident, at which point the men had fled in a silver Toyota. After she gave Sonja the recollection of events, our domestic then collapsed and was assisted by medical services. I arrived from Grahamstown shortly after,” said Kriedemann.

Kriedemann said the domestic was in the process of giving the police her statement, given her current state Kriedemann took her home to rest once the police had left.

“After reviewing the situation and the manner in which it occurred we are under the impression that the intention of these men was to burgle us rather than kidnap our daughter. Our daughter (Raeleigh) is safe and unharmed,” said Kriedemann.

Police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender confirmed that an incident took at Croydon Place complex in Forest Downs and a situation occurred between the men and a domestic worker.

“There was no baby abducted. It was a house robbery at Croydon Place. Robbers put [the] domestic worker in another room and kept baby in the room they were searching. The two suspects asked nanny where owners were, and she said working. They said they had to come take measurements at house. They left in silver Toyota Corolla after robbery. They also tried to rob at another flat in Croydon Place. There is only one case opened so far and that is for the House Robbery,” said Govender

SAPS could not confirm that there had been three incidents.