Stenden merger announced at graduation

STENDEN South Africa conferred 45 bachelor of commerce degrees in hospitality management at its annual graduation at the Port Alfred Civic Centre last Friday night.

President of the executive board Leendert Klaassen

At the same event it was announced that the mother university in the Netherlands is about to merge with another university, NHL Hogeschool, which would benefit Stenden University and its satellite campuses in South Africa, Thailand, Bali and Qatar.

President of the executive board Leendert Klaassen said the mother university would change its name, but the satellites would keep the name Stenden for now. The merger will take place in January next year.

Klaassen was one of several speakers who exhorted graduates to put what they had learned into practice and be lifelong ambassadors for Stenden.

He commended Stenden students as showing leadership, curiosity and inventiveness, and “the courage to explore their limits”.

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