Reworking King Arthur pays off


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword with Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law and Eric Bana, directed by Guy Ritchie.


MEMORIES RETURN: Arthur, played by Charlie Hunnam, attempts to deny his destiny by throwing Excalibur into the lake but, after falling in the mud, the Lady of the Lake draws him down into its murky depths and places the sword in his hand. Once more, Arthur is kneeling in the mud, sword in hand, as the memories of what happened to his family comes sharply into focus through the power of Excalibur

IN typical Guy Ritchie fashion, this latest in a long line of King Arthur movies takes a new approach to the legend, mixing and blending elements of the old stories and forming a new narrative that is both highly entertaining and a visual treat.

Uther Pendragon (Eric Bana) is the owner of the famous sword, Excalibur, and uses it to fight off his mortal enemy Mordred and prevent his horde of elephantine monsters from sacking Camelot. However his two-year-old son, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam), sees both his mother and father die when they face a dark magical figure, and the vision of that encounter is hazily recalled by him in dreams as an adult.

The movie is very well done, even though the Arthurian legend has been hammered into a Ritchierian one. If you enjoy a good swashbuckling movie with elements of myth, legend and sorcery, then this is definitely a movie you cannot miss.

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