DSG unbeaten in East London

THE DSG hockey club continued its impressive run of results against Clarendon Girls’ High School whom they played over the weekend.

The DSG U14B hockey team had a 1-0 win against Clarendon Girls’ High School last weekend

Following on from the previous two weekends when they were unbeaten against Queenstown Girls’ High School and Cambridge High School, DSG produced the same again: of the 11 hockey matches played against Clarendon, they won six and drew five.

This coming week they turn their focus away from the Border schools to Eastern Province where they will encounter some tough opposition as they face up to Collegiate on June 3, Pearson on June 11 and Kingswood on June 17. With all matches being played in Grahamstown, the home ground advantage will be with DSG and the teams will certainly be pulling out all the stops to continue their impressive form and remain unbeaten.

In the netball, DSG also returned with strong results: of the 16 matches played, they won ten including a feisty 40-35 win for the 1st team.

Full results from DSG’s fixture with Clarendon played on May 27 and 28 are:


1sts: 1-1 Draw, 2nds: 0-0 Draw, 3rds: 7-0 (DSG), 4ths: 2-0 (DSG), 16A: 2-1 (DSG), 16B: 1-1 Draw, 16C: 2-0 (DSG), 16D: 0-0 Draw, 14A: 3-0 (DSG), 14B: 1-0 (DSG), 14C: 0-0 Draw


1sts: 40-35 (DSG), 2nds: 14-8 (Clarendon), 3rds: 12-11 (DSG), 4ths: 16-4 (DSG), 16A: 21-20 (DSG), 16B: 12-8 (Clarendon), 16C: 12-9 (Clarendon), 16D: 12-4 (DSG), 15A: 20-18 (Clarendon), 15B: 10-9 (DSG), 15C: 11-7(Clarendon), 15D: 9-4 (Clarendon), 14A: 15-7 (DSG), 14B: 22-2 (DSG), 14C: 22-3 (DSG), 14D: 17-3 (DSG)

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