World champion bodyboarder at the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Festival

WORLD champion bodyboarder Iain Campbell is one of the star attractions at this year’s Royal St Andrews Amanzi Festival, only the third South African to hold the world champion bodyboarder title.


Bodyboarding has taken Campbell all over the world to compete in world championships and other premier events. From the Canary Islands to the USA, from Portugal to Chile, he has competed in and won some of the toughest competitions. Finding sponsors and support for all the traveling has been difficult at times, said Campbell, but now that he is at the top of his game, the task of funding his endeavours should become easier.

Last year was a remarkable one for the young bodyboarder with five events and five podium finishes.

“It all comes down to the training and everything I’ve been doing back home. I moved out of Durban to Cape Town just to get better waves, and surf a lot more, and it seems to have paid off,” he said.

UP AND AWAY: World champion bodyboarder Iain Campbell will be at this year’s Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Festival.

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