Isandlwana historian captivates Grahamstown audience

MANY in the Grahamstown community were mesmerised by historian Rob Caskie recently, as he recounted in detail the actions of the British and Zulu forces at Isandlwana in 1879.

Rob Caskie holding the audience captivated in setting the battle scene at Isandlwana

With no props, but a stick, his voice and a memory full of detailed knowledge which has been gathered from a variety of sources over many years, he was able to hold the audience spell-bound for over an hour.

His monologue, which was filled with individual stories of both Zulu and British soldiers’ experiences, enabled the audience to imagine what it may have been like on the battle field on that day.

Caskie has various gifts, not least of all the ability to immerse his listener in his presentation as he transports the mind from being part of the charging Zulu impi for one minute to that of being a helpless British soldier who, for the most part, fell gallantly on that day – the Day of the Dead Moon.

The St Andrew’s College and DSG history department wishes to thank all those in the community for their support of the evening.

Those interested in purchasing any of Rob Caskie’s books or DVD’s can e-mail Gary Frayne as a bulk delivery order can be made to minimise delivery costs.

Senior St Andrew’s College and DSG history students and staff with guest, Rob Caskie

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